2.4-2.2 gamma adjustment

Ken Sirulnick Dec 21, 2016

  1. I know I can do this in Resolve, but is there a quick way to convert a file that was graded at 2.4 gamma to 2.2 gamma in Baselight for Avid?
  2. I ended up doing this in Resolve (easy change there) but there must be a way to do this conversion in Baselight Plug in no?
  3. The sRGB colour space is approximately 2.2 gamma, so you could set the input colour space as Rec.1886 and output as sRGB. That is probably sufficient, but if you need a precise 2.2 to 2.4 gamma conversion, you can create a custom .flspace file which has 2.2 gamma. Simply duplicate the Video_Full.flspace file (or Video_Legal.flspace as required) and change every occurrence of "2.4" to "2.2" in a text editor.
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  4. Sorry, obviously I meant to type 2.4 to 2.2. Didn't notice until it was too late to edit the post.
  5. I knew what you meant! Just did this in Resolve by changing output color space to 2.2 and all is good. Sundance is requesting DCP backups that are file based to be 2.2 gamma (ProRes or DNx115).
  6. This is done with a modified .flspace file, literally doing a search for "2.4" and replacing it with "2.2"

  7. That is a great info. I didn't know you could edit those files. Thanks!
  8. I wouldn't advise editing the original .flspace files. Make copies, or create your own from scratch and put them in /usr/fl/etc/colourspaces/ or /Library/Application Support/FilmLight/etc/colourspaces/

    Truelight Colour spaces is very flexible, and you can make your own colour space when, for example, a new camera space comes out, or the the Academy introduces ACEScct, but before FilmLight have added it to the built in set. You can also create your own DRTs in a similar way. I have created custom colour spaces and DRTs for clients on several occasions.
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