AAF Flops incorrect

Jef Huey Jan 5, 2017

  1. Just installed Resolve 12.5.4 for testing. One feature we were interested in was introduced in 12.5.3 - support for Flips and Flops in an Avid AAF

    Just tested. And it wrong. Flop (picture rotated on x axis) is being treated as Flip (rotate on y axis).

    I can provide the AAF if needed.

  2. Never got one to work.. I always had to do it manually...
  3. This is why one would do an online conform check to a playout and fix whatever doesn't come through.
  4. The 12.5.3 readme noted that this feature had been added. I did not check then. So I do not know if it was correct then and broke, or never correct.

    We do not final finish in Resolve, but roundtrip to Avid and Premiere. So having features like this working are a big plus.

  5. I just ran into this on my last project in December: I missed two flops (got about 20 of them right), but the client caught it. My joke is, "I'm only 99% perfect, so out of 2000 cuts, there's a good chance about 20 of them will be bad." :(
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