Adding Grain Plates with Dailies

mike burton Oct 1, 2016

  1. So, I'm doing an Amazon pilot dailies job and the DP wants to add grain plates burned into the Avid dailies. I have the grain plates on track #2 in my Resolve timeline with the transfer mode set to "Overlay" and had to duplicate the grain clip a few times to get it to extend to the end of my timeline.
    However, when I export to Individual clips for Avid dailies it is treating the grain plates as individual clips and not applying the overlayed grain on the footage? Am I missing something here? I don't want to go with filmconvert as an option because A. I don't feel its as organic looking and B. it is a SIGNIFICANT performance hit on the system and takes me from 65fps on output down to 15fps which there is not time.
    Should I be applying them a different way? Any help is appreciated!
  2. can not render not as individual clips with that approach. here are a view ways to approach
    can apply this to the timeline so that way your not applying to each clip
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  3. The settings on the grain overlay are really critical, so I would make sure the DP approves how the grain overlay is applied. He or she should also be aware that grain vanishes when the material gets highly compressed -- like dailies seen on Vimeo or other download services. They look fine at high bitrates, but you'll never see that on Amazon. I think 20mbps is as high as they go (vs. 35mbps for Blu-ray).
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  4. Add it as a matte not attached to a specific clip, and composite it in the node graph using a layer mixer. I think this should work in Timeline mode graph, and the post-clip group if you prefer to do it that way.

    Or you can just use the Resolve FX Filmgrain! :)
  5. Thanks everyone! That helps a lot. I was actually able to talk my way out of this due to the compression being too heavy to notice.
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  6. Film Convert Pro is also a neat plugin with some great looking grains.

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