Advice for moving downunder?

Shawn Pang Jan 4, 2017

  1. Hey everyone

    This is my first post but I've been lurking around here for some time just soaking up the wisdom. So firstly, thanks guys for all the knowledge that you have so kindly shared. It seemed that whenever I had a question, someone here had already asked it! But this time I have a question that is uniquely my own.

    I've been the in-house colourist in a production company in Singapore for about two and half years but am now about to move to Brisbane, Australia in February. I've lived and studied in Brisbane so I'm no stranger to the place, but I have never worked there as a colourist before and so I would like to ask if anyone has any advice for moving to Australia, or working in Australia, or perhaps just general advice for starting a career in a foreign land?

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Also, if there is anyone in Brissie who would like to sit down and talk shop over a pint, PM me at, would love to chat :)

  2. Since you've lived and studied in Brisbane, use your connections and networks for starting a career.
  3. Thanks for your reply Lucas! Yup I'm definitely connecting with friends and contacts back there. But I guess I was wondering if there are any unwritten rules of etiquette or simple courtesies for a new guy coming in. I might be overthinking things there haha still pretty new to this business
  4. I've been working a lot out of the Lucas Building (Sand crawler/Star Wars building is just beautiful) in Singapore, I've also worked a lot in Austrialia. I think in singapore there is a kind of fanatical "play nice with all people" policy in the workplace, in Australia there is a bit of good natured "rugby play nice" where if you get shoved around a bit don't take it negatively/personally.
  5. Hey Patrick thanks for your reply and that's good advice I'll keep that in mind!

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