Alexa vs Red camera advice

Dominik Bauch Oct 15, 2016

  1. On lenses i agree there is point to have but body will be old in a heart beat i agree.
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  2. There have been some interesting discussions on the RedUser group about how the value of the camera at any one moment is determined by what they're selling for (street price) on eBay. It's sobering to see original $17,000 Red One MX cameras selling for $3500 on eBay right now; Scarlets are selling for $5000, and Epics are selling for $16,000-$17,000. Given that the Epic was $40,000 about 3 years ago, that's a sobering price drop. The Alexa cameras I see on eBay are priced several thousand dollars higher, between $19,000-$25,000.
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  3. Assuming I had money for either:

    If I were looking for a money making investment I'd go Alexa Mini, hands down. People will be renting those for many years to come. I'd also make a deal with a rental house to rent it out and provide the required support.

    If I wanted a camera for myself I'd save about half the cost*of the mini and get the forthcoming Scarlet-W. I think the specs make it suitable for 90% of the TV and feature work out there (except for the giant tent pole VFX extravaganzas).
    In terms of aesthetic I lean Alexa, but I think, as has been mentioned, it's sort of a Mac vs. PC argument: both are tools that can accomplish equivalent, if not exactly identical results.

    *my very ballpark guess is that a mini with evf and a handful of other more-or-less required accessories runs around $60k, and by the time one kits out the Scarlet brain it's probably about $30k. Smarter folks can correct me on that if I'm way off...
  4. Panasonic varicam 4k LT package for about $20-2500? Only drawback is no viewfinder surround (no view outside the fame).
  5. I have a close relationship with a rental house and I tried both scarlet-W and Arri mini in my last jobs. I think the scarlett-w is too much noisy even at 1600(in low budget lighting studio: 3 kinos, 2 fresnel arri led, and some led panels) when using 240fps at 2k, I'm probably terribly wrong but I expected better performance at 2k, I also didnt like that much the look but I liked a lot the ergonomics, is really easy to setup(aware because it eat batterys like crazy), I think the mini is just other league, the scarlet-w to me looks little bit the new fs700. I think is a good all around camera but I think i got better footage from mx and epic maybe was the lenses(Milvus used on the scarlet), but my final impression is I got a really videoish footage compared to what I get from my BMCC( and the epic,mx alexas...). Anyway is just an impression from my first shooting with it so can be totally biased.
  6. I'm constantly amazed, that after all these years people still don't understand how to properly use Red cameras. You should NEVER use 2k recording on Red, unless you NEED the very hight frame rate. Unlike Alexa, in case of 2k recording, Red camera uses a tiny portion of the whole sensor and hence, it looks horrible...
    If you want to compare the two, please use the whole area of the sensor on both cameras...
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  7. Now that you mention blackmagic, I got a little Ursa mini footage a while back on an alexa show, and I have to say it looked pretty darn good. Had to dial out a lot of magenta but it did hold its own. Maybe that would be the "personal camera". :)
  8. Jake, I shooted in 5k, 2k was because client wanted the slowmo at 240ps in some shoots. But Anyway I note that because I never was in this situation and from "mistakes" one- learn. Anyway when comparing It was just I had better results with other Red cameras(note that this red cameras are in a different tier)

    Merry Christmas !!!
  9. You made this statement in relation to Red camera "I'm probably terribly wrong but I expected better performance at 2k, I also didnt like that much the look".
    You can't use a sliver of a sensor and then complain about the performance and the look. Also, it would have been helpful, if you have included the information about the recording compression ratio, as that too can have a dramatic impact on the image quality.
    So, please retract the abovementioned statement, as it is clearly wrong or, at the very least, a very misleading one.
    Thank you.
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  10. I'm sorry Jake if I didn't explain myself properly. I didn't blame on Red in anyway( I used It's products others times with nice results) and I said just my impressions using the camera and I'm sure It can be used better(much better) and in better light conditions. It was just my impressions and is my personal feeling with the camera. Sorry If my opinion bother you and I retract if you feel I need to.

    In my first post I explained that I used the scarlet-w at 2k with 240fps, sorry If my use of english is not good enough(Is not my native lenguage). But I mean I used 2k at 240fps only. The project was mainly shoot at 5k 2:1

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