Any ideas on this look?

Arturo Dickson Oct 26, 2016

  1. Hi guys

    Any ideas on how to get to something close to this? note the glow in the highlights! very filmic!

    ill be working with a7s Slog2 footage

    if not then hope ya'll at least enjoy the music :)

  2. well, I watch the first minute or so.

    NO HARD LIGHT: you can see there is always lots of fill and the outdoor is with no sun. That is your starting base, nice and low contrast.
    warmish midtones and highlights, vignetting, no hot color (again in camera), low contrast, bluish low end.
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  3. There's also some diffusion going on, either through smoke or what I would guess would be a 1/8 Pro Mist or something like that. Also very soft lighting. The highlight flare on the right suggests filtration to me. I suspect we're seeing some masks on the people's faces for some added fill.

    Getting this look with different footage will be a challenge, because so much depends on exposure, lenses, lighting, and art direction (not necessarily in that order).
  4. This is like the emo version of the hilarious Canadian movie called FUBAR.
  5. Neat looking video, but... Oh my god, the singer... I can't deal with the voice.
  6. Also notice production design. Wood, natural colors (browns, light unsaturated...) warmish colored clothes or non saturated colors...
    Post was what others said; red-ish highs, mids, some masks..., low-ish contrast...
  7. wow you guys are awesome. will post results. many thanks!
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