Arriraw SDK in resolve

Dominik Bauch Oct 16, 2016

  1. New to arriraw but coming from Red r3d's the arriraw metadata options look limited in Resolve.
    Am I missing something? There seems to be no way to go to other intermediates, i.e. Scene Linear.
    Is this done through 3D luts as opposed to in the metadata?

    Also I read that Log C can have a film flavor for a more filmic curve. Assuming that this would be set in camera? Do all Alexa cameras offer this if on the latest SUP, including the mini?

    Any arriraw tips for best results? How necessary is sharpening to the image? Is it mandatory to some degree or totally optional.

  2. ARRIRAW is a logrithmic RAW like Canon RAW. While Sony and RED record linear RAW.

    You can use Reolve or ACES color management/LUT from ARRI LUT Generator to linearise the data.

    Log C is the one and only scene-referred colorspace available from ARRI cameras, the film flavour you are talking about might be the film matrix color gamut. Different gamut options are not available in Resolve camera raw settings, you can use the official ARRIRAW Converter for this. Since it's a debayer setting, as long as the camera records ARRIRAW, the options are available.

    As for ARRIRAW tips, personally I prefer to balance the shots using the color temp and tint from the camera raw setting, I think ARRI uses a better chromatic adaptation algorithm than Resolve's built in controls.

    For sharpness it depends on you or the DoP's taste, for narrative films I turn off all sharpening effects. For TV might add a touch depending on the type of content.
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  3. Thanks for the info, by using Arriraw convertor does it change the metadata so that when I use in resolve the color gamut I selected is present?
    Which is the go to gamut for best results?
  4. With ARRIRAW Converter you have the option to export the .ari files as ACES EXR image sequence or DPX/TIFF image sequence with your gamut choice and any color grade applied as well.

    Download ARRIRAW Converter and give it a go.
  5. Thanks, I downloaded it. In your experience does using different color gamut matrix make a huge difference, i.e. using LogC film versus regular LogC. If it was bad ass then surely Resolve would implement the ability to choose?
  6. Most people stick with Log C with Wide Gamut. The film matrix was designed to emulate the color characteristics of film scan from ARRISCAN. It facilitates creating a specific film print look.

    There's no ARRIRAW SDK in Resolve, only custom debayering with simple controls. Full ARRIRAW SDK is available on Adobe Premiere Pro, Assimilate Scratch etc.

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