Autodesk Flame Comes to OS X and Adds Subscription Licensing

Jason Myres Nov 4, 2015

  1. It's clear that they wanna stop Smoke development and i can see the same pattern being applied to Flame Assist by this announcement.
    Can't wait to install Lustre on our Flame machine :D
  2. This from the FAQ:
    When will Flame for Mac OSX be available? Flame support for Mac OSX is expected to ship on November 24th 2015 with Flame 2016 Extension 2, Flame 2016 Extension 1 SP 2 and Flame 2016 SP3

    I can't find a page detailing the differences between these packages anywhere....
  3. There are release notes for each version. But they've not been released yet. It's all the same software, just different versions. Like Resolve 10,11,12.
  4. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Here you go...

    In particular, take a look at these:

    Autodesk Creative Finishing Documentation Area

    What's New in Flame Premium 2016 Extention 1

    What's New in Flame Premium 2016

    For clarity, Autodesk has a quarterly update cycle that alternates between "Extension" releases (i.e., 2016.1 ) that are primarily centered around new features, and "Service Pack" releases (i.e., 2016.1.1 ) that focus on bug fixes. If you want to find detailed info on new features at any given moment, just do a Google search for "What's new in Flame Premium". One of the top two or three results will almost always bring you to the current, new features page like the ones above.

    Service Pack releases are detailed in PDF reports like this:

    Service Packs are much less exciting than new feature extensions, but if you are an artist dealing with an important bug or issue, these reports can really make your day, as this is where you'll find out if it has been fixed.
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  5. Thanks Jason, found what I was looking for until the Mac release on the 24th, interested in recommended/minimum configurations.

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