Avid to Daylight Roundtrip Workflow

Josh Petok Jan 19, 2016

  1. The problem may be rights permissions. You have to make sure the original aaf you conformed from is on the Baselight raid. If it was on ISIS, for example, Baselight won't be able to read from it and fail.

    You may also get this message if you made any changes to the timeline, and therefore broke the aaf rountrip.
  2. Nick, it looks like you are correct. The colour transforms are now applied in the aaf. Only had a short time to test, but all looks good. Thanks
  3. I am using baselight. Maybe the issue happened because I populated the Avid timeline with the baselight effect before the export? Thought baselight has to update an already existant bl-effect in the AAF and does not create a new one. Maybe that already will fix the issue .. never tried it with a "clean" AAF .... Gonna test it when I am back in the office on Thursday.

    I am totally aware of the difference between the BLG/Lens and the AAF workflow. I am just curious if the BLG/Lens workflow is feasible with the free edition. As you can't open the interface in avid there seems to be no way to import BLGs. That's actually kind a odd as it is no problem in the nuke version.

    And yes .. kinda hijacked the thread. Sorry
  4. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    A lot of us are trying to figure this out, and the spirit of Josh's original post was really about Avid-Baselight interop using BLGs, so I don't think your question has been a problem.
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  5. Hi, i am using MAC avid baselight. i finished my one project in avid baselight. after my project finished i export dpx file to another hard disk. After Export completed i check my Mac HD speac, Hard disk Showing only 500mb But My Mac HD Drive is 1 TB. I dont know why avid taking my Mac drive Speace. pls help me.
  6. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Hi Kamal, I can't think of why Baselight itself would be taking up space on your hard drive. Highlight any folders you think might contain a large amount of data, and use File menu > Get Info to see how large they are. You can also use an app like Daisy Disk to scan your drive and show you where your space is being used.

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  7. thank's sir. this option help for me.
  8. hi sir i need a avid baselight tutorial for compositing & more detailing . there is any website.

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