Baselight and Ultra Wide screen UI monitors

Nikola Stefanovic Nov 8, 2016


Two standard monitors or one ultra wide monitor for Baselight UI?

  1. Two 24" monitors

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  2. One 34" monitor

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  1. Does anyone has any experience using Baselight with monitors like LG 34UM95-P 34” 21:9 UltraWide? I know that BL interface is very flexible, but I don't know if UI machine will drive this monitor properly.

    Or just go with two monitors?

    Thanks in advance for advices,
  2. It works great with either one or two of those monitors.
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  3. Two standard monitor is very flexible and more.
  4. I don't have experience with an ultrawide display with the Baselight but maybe the graphic card info may help you into the right direction. Last time I checked Gen V hardware, the UI pc is driven by the Nvidia NVS 510. Didn't dig too deep into the specs but the max supported resolution is 3840x2160. The other supported resolutions are not listed so not sure if they have support for 3440x1440 of the LG. I'm guessing Gen VI hardware for the UI pc will be similar. I feel like an email to Filmlight support should get you a prompt answer.

    I've used 2 24" displays and never felt the need to have more screen real estate. Every window/element can be resized and relocated to any position on either screen. A few customized saved layouts have worked out well for me.
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  5. I would go for two 24" but space can be issue here since I already have scopes monitor and Dolby and we need to fit assistant station for some time on the same desk. So I was thinking about this 34" as a solution, but you're right, I should check with support first.

    Thanks anyway :)
  6. Gen VI will be using K1200 for GUI.
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  7. I've been using the LG 34 for several years with Baselight (and Avid), Nvidia K2200. It works very well. While the monitor is just a few pixels shy of full 4K, it works fine, has a great picture, and can be adjusted to match my Sony grading monitor nearly identically. The size really makes life easier and it would be hard to go back to smaller monitors. I have a 27" on the left and a 24" broadcast monitor on the right.
  8. i got a 25" and a 28" (or so) 21:9 screen from hp&dell, both connected to baselight and they work perfectly.

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