Baselight Avid Plug In w Artist Color

Ken Sirulnick Dec 6, 2016

  1. I can't get Baselight to recognize my Artist Color. I have preferences set to Autodetect and have restarted. What am I missing?
  2. In my experience, you need to input the IP address of the panel. There's an option to do this in the baselight prefs. Then, you have to completely quit out of avid.
    The panel works great with the plug in, much better than with Avis's own color corrector (sadly).

    Of course baselight is much more powerful as well. I enjoy using it in avid.
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  3. You need to disable the standard MC Color control. Basically make sure your MC Color display shows Avid signs, meaning, it's not connected. Otherwise, upon the start, Avid will immediately grab the panel and you will not be able to control it with BLE.
    Fixed IPs are nice, but not really necessary.
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  4. Ken, Jake speaking about EUControl software. Just disable EUControl in startup items or uninstall, set static IP (same domain is a must, I think) to Artist, in Baselight preferences set IP and you are in Game :)
    Just give yourself time to be familiar with command mapping!
    You can't be disappointed. This is a excellent combo.
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  5. Got it. Wow, the Artist Color works really well with Baselight! Smoother than Resolve, Avid or DS. And jog works great on my transport!
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  6. BLE's mapping on Artist Color is awesome fo sho'
  7. And it is user re-mappable, if you know where to look;)
  8. I'm liking Baselight so far. Definately a different feel from Resolve.
  9. Ask for the demo license of Daylight. You'll like that even more.
  10. Okay? Nice setup...
    Where might one want to look?
  11. I got this working on my Mac. Trying to get it going on a Win7 machine but the Artist Color is not being recognized. Anything different I need to do on Win?
  12. It's the same.
  13. Hmm. I'll take another look. The mac gave me a Ethernet auto option. The PC just has Ethernet manual.
  14. If the panel is set to DHCP there has to be some kind of DHCP server on the network - preferably configured to give the panel the same IP address every time since Ethernet Auto is not implemented yet in BLE for PC.
    In my setup at work the panel is connected directly to the computer on a dedicated interface card. The panel is set to fixed IP ( and the network interface likewise ( The panel IP address is configured in the BLE setup.
    And as mentioned EuControl will "block" the panel if Artist Color is added to "My Surfaces" so remove it from the list and set "Automatically Add:" to "My surfaces only".
  15. I got it working. I had not added the device within the Baselight prefs. Then I just entered the Artist IP and it worked. Thanks everyone.
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  16. How is your experience with the panel so far? I was looking at different panels over the user guide, and the artist really feels fimlight. It's buttons arrangement is quite similar to a blackboard 2. Is it that superior to tangent's? (I really enjoyed the little ripple from pics.) I know the price point is completely different but I got the impression that even with a full set of tangent, the support on the Artist is better.
  17. i can't say anything about current Tangent mapping, i see on the updatte notes that they are doing alot of work on that front tho, the only time i tried it was pretty much an uphill battle, but BLE has come a very long way since then...

    Artist color under BLE is pretty awesome as you know - i do keep a seperate num pad beside the Artist Color for BLE, but have not needed to program any macro's or use XKeys
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