Baselight Editions and Green Screen

Mario Baptista Oct 5, 2016

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any way to pull a green screen Matte with the Avid Edition plug-in version of Baselight?

  2. Thanks Dave, I had seen that video but to my knowledge Editions doesn't allow multiple video sources to be stacked, only modified layers based on the same single video source.

    We could really use some new and more advanced training videos for Editions. A curated Baselight forum would be great too... Unfortunately what we have pales in comparison to what is available for Resolve and while the manual is thorough it lacks techniques ... there we Grumpy old colourist rant for the day.
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  3. You're welcome Dave...
  4. Doh, sorry about that
  5. Hi,
    several times I used Baselight Editions in Media Composer to generate matte from chroma key (use Dkey and matte layer view).
    Despite excellent results, not a best workflow.
    Things get complicated easy, because your key source are track above fill...
  6. Thanks Kiril, I'm going to give it another try with the technique. I'm more interested in having it in the toolbox for a "just in case" scenario rather than a workflow solution. Often it's a waste of time not to mention the delay of sending back poor keying to be re-done, not to mention the elegance of having everything within one Avid project for backing up.
  7. Some more tips: if you have a Sapphire (installed on Media Composer), you can try S_MakeRGBA & S_Layer, to composite tracks,
    not default Avid Matte Key. Finally you will arrive with more matte tools to operate, not to mention that algorithm from Genarts is excellent.

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