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Fabián Matas Nov 18, 2016

  1. Hi, I'm trying to expand my toolset and learn baselight. Since I can't get access to a real baselight station i would like to know how far is Editions from the real thing. My goal is get the free license to Editions and learn it so I don't feel lost if I have the chance to work in the real thing. So things like playback performance, rendering etc... are not important for me right now.

    I know i don't have to conform in editions but I would like to know if you think is a good aproach or a lost of time.

    Thanks in advance,
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  2. I think it's a smart idea to get comfortable with the tools and true light options. I did the same with Nucoda and have done some freelance gigs lately on it. Difficulty stays with the panel though. These big panels (blackboard, valhal etc) are great but you need to study them as well to get up to speed. So finding a facility to aid you with that might also be a plan.

    I don't think that you can use the tools with the free-licence as it's for grade evaluation only, as you get the footage and can apply the LUT (*.blg file) for review but definitely with the 30days trial.
    However, I'll make sure to check release notes and that everything is up-to-date depending where you want to implement this before purchasing. Maybe get in touch with tech support and they'll help you on the choice.

  4. Thanks for you answer, I will try. By the way how you got the nucoda you asked them directly?

    "Free Licence allows Baselight Editions to be used for free, so you can pass grades to other facilities where they can be accurately read and rendered – without purchasing a licence." Does not mean I can use it, but I'm not allowed to render? My only goal is learn how it works in general since I will not use it for real works.

    Thanks for your answers :)
  5. For Nucoda you need to contact their sales by mail. They'll set you with a free trial valid for 30 days.
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  6. "Free license" is just the plugin that can read blg's, you need the 30-day trial to access the grading tools.
  7. For Nucoda, you'll have to contact sales and they will issue you a trial license that is tied to your machines MAC address.
  8. Ohh I see, I will stick to 30 days trial versions, I think Mistika have something like a limited version( the Insight). I would like to see stuff like that so freelance can have a better aproach to big houses :)
  9. It's very simple. When you download you get a key that's valid for 30 days, with full access to anything the plugin has. After this period, if you don't buy a valid key, it will then convert to a "free" license that's only able to render and load .blg files. You can still render stuff you worked on those 30 days.

    I have an assistant that will render anything I need but can't modify the grades.
  10. Hi Fabián,

    I think it's a perfectly reasonable approach and one we encourage. Lots of people have learnt Baselight grading using the plugins and found their learning curve greatly reduced when moving to a full Baselight. The UI for all of the grading, matting and colour space operations is identical, as are a lot of the keystrokes.
  11. I was in the running for a job at a Baselight facility last month (didn't get it) but I downloaded the Editions trial and worked through all the excellent walkthroughs/tutorials on the Filmlight website and felt like I'd given myself a pretty good grounding in the software.

    No doubt working with a Slate or Blackboard would've helped but as Martin says the UI is almost identical so you can get yourself up to speed with various aspects of the software in no time at all.
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