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Rainer Bueltert Apr 28, 2016

  1. Despite Baselights countless truly unrivalled tools and features like Truelight Color Management, there are some features in other Grading tools that would be great help to have in BL. For sure the excellent people at Filmlight are aware of these (maybe all/maybe better) improvements and are prioritising their development efforts...

    But, don't you think it is a good idea to collect some here and share it with the development team?

    My first two proposals:

    1. Container is a nice thing. But what when the files are moved to another location it often becomes difficult. Baselight needs something like "find media" in Scratch or "relink selected clips" in Resolve 12.5.

    2. Undo/Redo with or without following cursor is great and can be used for special purposes. But Undo/Redo for every shot, and even for every version would be perfect.

    Lets make a good list of really usefull features....
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  2. An ability to conform from multiple drives. I should actually say, an easier way to do it.
  3. I'd like a simple way of moving the actual roto's (the points, not just the mask) back and forth between baselight and nuke rotopaint node. The compositing is doing something different then grading so the nuke exr masks aren't often what grading needs, but the points and tracking is just a hassle to constantly be redoing between compositing and grading. I probably spend more time on roto's then anything else.
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  4. -One of my oldest wishes is a individual cursor gang. I love to have several cursors in different scenes. It would be great to lock cursor 1 and 3 , but not 2 and 4 for example.
    -if you switch from shape to track (goto track), it would be great if automatically the tracker is selected, which is connected to you shape. Useful if you have a lot of tracker in your shot.
    -if you have a lot of layers, even if you name them , it is easy to lost the overview . i guess it would be great to improve the layer design.
  5. When you do changes in preference there is always the constraint to restart the application. Though there are changes where it is definitely not neccessary to restart, like the behavier of the up/down arrow selection for moving the render line or selecting layers, you always get the message to restart BL.
    To improve the usability it would be great to get these messages only if it is really neccesary.
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  6. Say you have a shape, a key and a reference on one layer. I'd love to see some kind of grouping (brackets may be) indicator for all those things on that one layer.
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  7. That was one of my biggest beefs with Baselight in general, getting lost in the layers. This is particularly irksome at facilities that have multiple colorists on a project, and each of them works in a different style. They eventually improved the labeling in v4.0, but I have to say I prefer the node-based metaphor of Resolve (and some VFX software) just to get an instant visual feedback of where I am. The "slip and slide" nature of the Baselight layers also takes getting used to, particularly if one clip has 5 layers but the next has (say) 20. No question, you can get used to anything, but it does throw me.
  8. "Layer View" was the first step to get a better overview, but it is still to unflexible and "small" I know , it is improved in 5.0, but there are plenty things you could implement. Even baselight is not a node-based-system, the possibilities of key and fill routing is great.
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  9. That would be great. Like you can collapse that layer to one stack for overview reasons. And you can re-collapse to see whats inside.

    Yes, getting lost is a big thing with BL. Even when it was yourself who builded the stack and you had a demanding client with lot of pressure. The node stile has really big overview advantages. And when it comes to drag and drop a node from the gallery to the current grading one is impressed by the opportunities that gives to you.

    When Filmlight introduced the layer view I thought you could not only see whats inside of layer x on another shot, but you can easily copy that complete layer to your current stack. It isn't. That should be possible in a quick and easy way.

    Yes Oliver, and the layer stile has the big advantage of always implementing a "smart dissolve" when you need to manage to very different grades within a shot and want to "dissolve" them without keyframing every single operator. And you can use the power of the stack managers options "layer output", "render output" or "selected output" for building or checking your grading.
  10. May be I'm misunderstanding it? Do you want to copy a whole layer from one shot and apply it to another?
    Select your layer you want to copy with all attributes in it (key, shape etc), hit CMD+C. Then select your current shot where you want to copy that layer to and use Smart Paste. That layer now is applied at the bottom of that stack. Is that what you're looking for?
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  11. Horses for courses.
    I find using nodes for color grading is an abomination. You look at the node in Resolve and you see what? Some tiny cryptic indicators, which don't tell you much. With layers you immediately get much fuller picture. If layers were a bit better organized, as discussed earlier, it would have been even better. And if you need to see the signal flow between the layers? Well, that what the Blackboard is for. It has a great flow display.
    On the other hand, layer use is an abomination, when used for compositing, like in AE.
    But as I said, horses for courses...
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  12. One simple wish: Split/Compare with the DBS in gallery, not only cursors. And if so, a relative ganging would be great: The cursors run through the clips percent wise, all at the beginning or end...

  13. press view and 3, then you get split between DBS and cursor
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  14. Jake, thanks for the hint which is very usefull when you don't hesitate moving in your timeline for copy and pasting certain layers. But I find it kind of not elegant because layer view could give you that power. And, as layer view also works with the gallery shots, there is no way to go to that gallery shot with your cursor. You can append the full grade (all layers) from gallery or DBS to your current grade and then delete the ones you don't want. But thats not elegant.
    I'm trying to propose that layer view really needs to give the colorist that copy/paste-power that "show node tree" and dragging the desired node to your current grading/node tree in Resolve gives you. (Even further enhanced since V12) When I saw layer view I was sure that this is provided with it.

    What about this?: 1. Go to layer view (button on bb or double click with pen). 2. Select the layer you want 3. Hit a kind of to be defined short cut for copying 4. Ctrl + I to insert it in your stack.
    Would be very straight forward, don't you think?

    This leads me to another proposal:
    As Ctrl+D, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+M... for "smart dissolve", "inserting", "smart paste":...are no button in bb1 and is not listed in chalk for bb2/slate, it would be very usefull when you can program a short cut on a certain button within chalk. And for the tbd copying command in 3. it would be a help too having that on bb2/slate. (specially on blackboard setups it is good for you arms when you don't have to reach the normal keyboard too often)
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  15. in the baselight 5.0 pdf ,film light announce improved layer view with drag and drop grading.
    I guess, this is what you want.
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  16. Another good reason for looking forward to BL 5 ;-)
  17. Hi, I'm the developer that wrote the Layer view in baselight. You're correct all these features are coming in Baselight 5.0. They are present at the moment in our current release of Daylight so you can download a trial and see how it works.
  18. Really good point, one that is completely understood by those who use Blackboards and probably not understood by those who don't. I used Baselight for quite a while with only a keyboard, mouse, and trackball panel. But when I got a Blackboard I almost instantly had a much deeper understanding of the structure of the stack and the signal flow through it and between layers. Hell, I never really completely understood what a Layer was until I got the Blackboard. It's the one panel that I can truly say directly reflects the program it's controlling.
  19. Mark, thanks for contributing to this thread!
  20. Hi Mark.
    Welcome to LGG.
    I wonder, if it would make sense to combine the Layer View with the signal flow, like you get on BB2 display? It would be great for those of us who hasn't been blessed with BB2 yet;)

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