Baselight feature wishlist

Rainer Bueltert Apr 28, 2016

  1. I always found it a bit strange in order to re-use the tracking data needing to use a copy and paste. How about making all available trackers on the drop down menu, a-la Lustre or Nucoda?
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  2. Moving between operators inside the cascade with the up/down arrows on bb2/slate would be great for speeding up. Maybe with Alt+up/down?

    A preference setting file that you can save and import from usb-stick. Or selectable user preference settings like in chalk.
  3. compound layers would be great, especially for dragging them from the layer view
  4. Two little wishes for the Slate:
    Please give a direct access to the second page of the operators, which are now available by pressing the home button while the first page of the operator is active.
    Long press would be great for that.
    I would like to have a short cut that brings up the hueShift directly in hue/val mode (instead of pressing three buttons to get it).
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  5. Hi,

    I send my wish list every few month..and probably go on filmlights nerves .
    Here are the ones I didn't ask for, yet:

    Notes and comments.
    Before opening the project I'd like to see the latest updates, comments from my assistant etc.
    Sometimes I open the project weeks later. What happened last? Which grade did I render, v1 or v2?
    Inside the project: additional comments and maybe group shots to a comment. Like: I grap the entire scene, group comment:
    Director wants eyes sharper...

    I just saw the Lustre/Technicolor/Steve Scott video.
    Great ideas to link the updates for the VFX shots to a DB and give clients an IPad.
    They know this is version 15 of shot 3475...

    And they have something like a virtual timeline sort.
    Show all selected scenes from all over the reel together to see the continuity.

    Saturation of shadows and highlights in the film tools.
    Maybe the new base grade has it?

    A new Flux browser.

    The restore feature after a crash is great. There are not many crashes anyway on baselight.
    I was once klicking to fast and missed it-all gone. My mistake.
    Would love to have the choice of the last 3 versions (10 min steps) at any time.

    A better denoiser
    Baselight plugins, like flares. I don't want to use Saphire, to slow.

    As written before:
    Undo for scene and single shots.
    Group the cursors That I want to group! Maybe by pressing long on C1 and C4...

  6. I believe, V5 will have two new NR tools. One is a Temporal based and another for really severe cases, I believe, is based on Neat Video algorithms.
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  7. Hi Andreas, what should be better with Flux v2?
  8. A better denoiser
    Baselight plugins, like flares. I don't want to use Saphire, to slow.

    Moin Andreas,

    maybe the matchbox shaders will give you flares and other tools.

    There will be also a new denoiser. It works , i would say , in a similar way as neat video.

  9. Hi Jake,

    We have considered this and I think as we move on with more complex layer arrangements we'll have to provide something like you suggest.

    By the way, conforming from multiple directory is in the works at the moment and should appear in 5.0.
  10. Hi Mark, thanks for watching all these proposals and discussing them!
  11. another tiny thing i would like to have : In the keyframe display for shapes, "show all" is the default keyframe type. Please give me a preference where i can change it to "selected shape"
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  12. During edl import, while comparing the conforming results, it should be possible to place strip markers to the timeline.
  13. If you set up something with a single location that populates with link files to the media on multiple drives, you can get round this. I've done it for a few places in London, mostly where they're plugging lots of drives into Macs.
  14. Still impressed by the demo of the new Base Grade that Hat and Martin gave on wednesday in Filmlights HQ. Base Grade is always working in photometric linear (gamma 1). Being converted from working space (what else it might be) to Base Grades linear space and back to working cs.

    It would be very valuable having this "working in linear space" behavoir as an option for the other operators like Filmgrade, Technical Grade, Video Grade, Curve Grade. It could be a "scene setting" or a "operator setting".

    ExFat support would be fine.
  15. Hi Asa.
    Can you explain this technique in a bit more detail?
  16. So, another night I was discussing with some friends Baselight's copying and pasting of grades. My friend mentioned, that this is probably the most difficult part of Baselight to master. I would have to agree. Someone from FilmLight jokingly mentioned, that it took him 5 years to master as well. Anyway, copying and pasting in Baselight is one of the most comprehensive and powerful features. Right now you can visually drag the grade from shot to shot, like in Flame or Smoke. Or if you like, you can use panel shortcuts to copy and paste whole stacks, layers, individual tools and individual attributes. But that is where I'd like to see a bit of improvement. Say, you need to copy a tool from layer 2 from reference shot to layer 3 of the receiving shot. You first select the tool and hit copy and then select a layer where you want to copy to and hit paste. For the tool attribute you use Copy Attribute and paste that to the layer you want it to go to and so fourth. Not really that bad. But still, it requires selecting layers, copying, pasting etc. How about, if you could just select the layer and drag it to where you want it to be copied? Just like dragging the whole stack, but this time dragging only a single layer. Or how about double clicking on the shot, exposing the layers and dragging that layer to another shot? As you drag the layer or attribute and hower over the shot where you're copying to, that shot would open up exposing layers, so you could drop your layer or attribute to where you want it to be dropped? I hope this makes sense...
  17. Some new feature wishes:

    _Backspace button on BB/Slate should also delete stacks like backspace on the keyboard does.

    Stack Manager:
    _It should be possible to tell Baselight to stick to the same operator while going from shot to shot. Baselight sticks to the layer, but not to the operator. It always show the last used one.

    Group Grading:
    _When doing group grading: The last acitvated operator should be activated for all the shots in the group.
    _Stack Manager: When adding or changing an operator it should be activated after this immediately.
    _This seems to be bug: When group grading and changing a operator type one gets the message: "Change operator type fo x strips". While x is the number of activated shots in the group. When changed the operator it is only done for 1 shot/strip not x.
    _Experienced as a bug: Group grading with smart dissolves doesnt work for half the dissolved shot.

    Dissolves and Blackboard:
    _When using smart dissolves stopping the playhead within the dissolve it can be very difficult to grade the right part of the cross-faded shot. When using the desired operator via Blackboard, Baselight jumps to another operator/layer. One has to leave the
    dissolved area to do proper grading.

    _the possiblity to add markers in the gallery and jump to them would be helpfull for long format films.
    _to navigate in the galleries like flipping pages would speed up work (expanded gallery workspace).
  18. Basic workflow with some scripts I've written is:

    Plug in all your source drives

    Script searches the disks for the type of files you're conforming (eg mov, r3ds) and when it finds them, creates link files in a different directory. You can cut the amount of work it has to do by only searching for files that are referenced by an EDL.

    Then you can point the EDL tool in Baselight at just the directory of link files, and it should find all the real files from there, or if you copy the link files in Flux it will copy the real files to your main storage.

    For example, on a Mac you end up with something like:

    [mac164:sky_sports_mix_J2003095/2016_07_26/master] comms% pwd

    [mac164:sky_sports_mix_J2003095/2016_07_26/master] comms% ls -l
    total 216
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 comms admin 51 Jul 26 18:32 -> /Volumes/SSM MASTERS/MEDIA/
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 comms admin 51 Jul 26 18:32 -> /Volumes/SSM MASTERS/MEDIA/
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 comms admin 51 Jul 26 18:32 -> /Volumes/SSM MASTERS/MEDIA/

    can't find an example here with multiple source drives, but it works quite well. Scripts usually need some tweaking for each company to get locations right etc.
  19. Hi Asa. Thank you for the explanation. So, the real question then is how one can write the script, that is needed for conforming from multiple drives? Do you have a sample of a script?

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