Baselight v5 Coming in 2016

Alex Prohorushkin Dec 23, 2016

  1. He he)

    Its true fake.
    The promises they made in April 2016 at the NAB show, could not perform. Now promise in 2017.
    The professional team but promises do not withstand criticism.
    It is a pity that such promises are not fulfilled.

  2. Let's see what happens at NAB. I like Baselight as a company, and I hope they succeed.
  3. That's right. We will wait and hope.
    But you must admit that it is not you seriously. My partners are waiting for implementation of promises and saw a real opportunity to purchase this kit.

    But to see only what the company in one day just changed 2016 to 2017. --- No explanation, no apology to those who hoped the full year 2016. ---

    Maybe they have something not in time, and can not correct release the product. But to explain his change of solutions they had.

    Unless of course cherished reputation for honest partner.
    Other companies do not allow this. And this is very important. The competition is very big.

  4. Jack Jones Colourist

    Jack Jones Colourist Original Member

    Hi Alex,

    Out of interest, what features are you most waiting for?

  5. Hi Jack!

    Most waiting for:
    1. New Base-grade tool
    2. Paint tool
    3. New Area tracker
  6. MatchboxGlsl support seem very interesting too!
  7. So, let me get this straight, you'd prefer half baked version of Baselight instead of a fully vetted version, just because FilmLight originally estimated shipping V5 in 2016? I'm sure FL would be happy to sell you 4.4m1 version and would have upgraded your Baselight, when v5 became available, so I don't understand what is the issue, that made you so unhappy. FilmLight prides itself in delivering product, that is ready for production on day one, unlike some products, that are shipping what is essentially beta products, regardless of it's readiness, relying on users finding bugs and fixing them at later versions. This philosophy is actually very refreshing. I don't know about you, but I prefer it.
    BTW, "this true fake" v5 is already in private beta testing, meaning it's close to being finished.
    And finally, what "New Area tracker" are you referring to? There is already a New Area tracker in present version of Baselight.
  8. Alex, the current version of Baselight is widely considered one of the best - if not THE best - of all the color grading systems available. Their approach has always been to release point releases for maintenance purposes, but only release major updates when they're ready. And yes, that means waiting longer for those major updates than with some other vendors. But most of their users really don't care because the toolset they already have is superior to most everything else. There's really nothing a colorist needs to do that can't be done with the existing toolset, and usually in a more efficient and more precise way than just about every other system. The base grade tool is something no other vendor has, and they're taking time to get it thoroughly vetted and tested, and to get feedback from a wide range of colorists so that it can be something everyone will want to use from day 1.

    If you want to hold back from buying a new smart phone because you're waiting for features, that's fine. Phones seem to get updated multiple times a year because they're consumer devices and companies that make them want to get everyone in an "I must have each and every upgrade" mentality. Baselight is a professional toolset competing in a very narrow market and reliability and performance are far more important in that market than spiffy new interfaces and features every 3 months. As someone who has actually used Baselight, I fully support and appreciate their approach.
  9. Unfortunately you do not quite understand the point.
    I agree that FilmLight produces only tested and verified versions of their products. It's really great!

    But I always understood that if you publicly promised something, you should stick to the promises. Otherwise, your words are very cheap.

    To Jake: Regarding the new tracker that you see when released version 5. But I know that it's there. and really want to see it in action.
  10. In that case, the words of nearly every technology company - not to mention countless other industries - are "very cheap," because no company knows how long it's going to take to finish something until they actually finish it. Particularly when it comes to software, because bugs come up that are difficult to solve, problems are discovered by beta testers that necessitate delaying release, new devices arrive from other manufacturers that need to be supported, and countless other things occur that are not predictable. Such is life in the computer age. If you think Filmlight is one of the bigger offenders, try taking a look at companies like Colorfront (whose releases are often delayed so long that they need to change the version name because it's based on a specific year), Autodesk (very similar situation to Colorfront), Blackmagic (they delayed the release of a camera for over a year and a half), Apple (they have current products that haven't been updated for almost 4 years, and they've sometimes released software that was so bug ridden it gave the program a bad name for a long time) and numerous others.

    If you look at the fine print on product announcements, it always contains a statement that reads something like "this contains statements that are optimistic and might or might not come to fruition." In other words, we think we can do what we're talking about and get it done when we're saying it will be done, but we might be wrong so limit your expectations. Or, to put it more bluntly, we might succeed or we might fail. No promises. Release dates are never "promises," as you seem to be referring to them as. They are optimistic projections which may or may not come true, and they're always expressed as such. That's the reality.
  11. +1 what Michael said. All companies do this. I would add Avid to this list as well. When they get released, they get released. I wouldn't rush to install a major release anyway until a point release comes out and fixes all the bugs that are there anyway if they wait long enough for the handful of beta testers to figure out all the bugs it would take even longer for a release, everyone would complain more...etc.
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  12. I have no idea what you're saying. if it's easier, feel free to say it in Russian:)
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  13. I had the chance to see the V5 and the new features look great ! Filmlight wants the best out of the software and they work hard for it. Be patient.
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  14. I thought it was Ukranian!
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  15. Thank to All.
    Really liked your position. Since this is the case.
    We look forward to 2017 and wish them good luck and competent solutions for companies Filmlight.

    p.s. sorry for my "English"
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  16. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I'm just excited to see someone excited about something other than Resolve. I'm sure once everyone is using Base Grade, the new paint, and keying individual EXR layers, the wait will be quickly forgotten.
  17. And I'm excited to see someone who's excited for another excited user:D
    I'm also exited to see the implementation of the Matchbox GLSL shaders. I find it ironic, that FilmLight managed to be the first color grading software, that included this functionality even before the original Matchbox proponent- Autodesk. Right now this functionality in Lustre can only be done by using DirectConnect (I think that is the name) with Flame.
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  18. Maybe he means this:

    • Perspective tracking of images, shapes, paint strokes and grid warps using either 4 1-point trackers or new perspective-capable area tracker.
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  19. Hi Alex,
    I never heard them make any promise that it will be in 2016. I asked them a few times and the answer was always beginning of 2017.
    Yes, it is a bit evil to make us excited about the new features and lthen et us wait so long. But I rather wait and have a perfect product without to many bugs.
  20. That's funny. What you have not heard of in 2016.
    since April 2016 they have hung on the site message "Coming soon in 2016"
    A week ago they changed the inscription.

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