Baselight v5 Coming in 2016

Alex Prohorushkin Dec 23, 2016

  1. Hi Alex,

    I'm the person responsible for setting the Baselight v5.0 schedule and so am also the person responsible for us missing our targeted release date. It's not something I'm happy about, so you have every right to feel annoyed. There are a couple of major reasons for the delay:
    1. Once we reviewed our initial implementations of the new features like Perspective, Paint etc, we decided that they didn't feel "enough like Baselight". By that I mean that they required a little too much assumed VFX knowledge to make them a natural, easy-to-use tool for a colourist wishing to expand their capabilities into light VFX. We therefore have spent the second half of 2016 improving them so they feel like a natural extension of Baselight. We're much, much happier with them now and I hope you will be too.
    2. We can't ship v5.0 until we have v5.0 versions of Daylight, Baselight for Avid, Baselight for Nuke and Prelight available in beta, or people would be producing BLGs which a lot of other people couldn't read, bringing confusion and a bad experience. It's taking us longer than expected to produce these v5.0 versions of all our other products.
    In any case, if you wish to try out BaseGrade, Paint & Perspective tracking, all of these as well as a lot more are in our current v5.0 beta build. Get in touch with FilmLight support to get added to the beta program.

    Sorry for the delay everyone and thanks for bearing with us.
  2. I gotta say, I totally understand why it's better to wait and ship something good, rather than not wait and ship something that's slightly broken.

    Whenever people ask me, "what new exciting features would you like to see for Resolve?", I often answer, "you know, I wish they would go back and refine and add more options and controls for color." Baselight's Base Grade is a really big deal.
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  3. In Mistika, has long existed , the ability to program GLSL shaders , but it's not a matchbox
  4. Hi Martin.

    Thanks for your answer.
    You are great company and great software!

    Thank again.
  5. Thank you for making the right choice Martin. Reliability should always win over shipping date. Don't feel bad. Marketing pressures are always more intense than they should be. Feel good for what you have helped bring into the world.
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