Before and After Grades of my First Project in Resolve - Comments?

Dave Dugdale Jul 2, 2013

  1. This is my first project in Resolve and I thought I would share if others are interested how a beginner grades his projects.

    This was shot on a Canon 5D3 and T2i.

    All comments welcome.

    Here is the promo video: (password is 'Dave')

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  2. Looks great! Good job!

    Only comment I have is for the handheld interview shots. It moves so little it's sort of in between hand held and tripod. I would have tried to stabilize them.

    And, one more, the grass you call nuclear is easily fixed by taking it more towards yellow.

    Well done!
  3. Thanks Pepo, that means a lot coming from a colorist. I will pull the grass more towards yellow and look at stabilizing the handheld shots.
  4. I would grade or shoot next time differently this talking head part.

    What i mean is "natural" skin does not do justice to the person.

    Outside she feels more "balanced" and pleasant in skin tones. In studio face pops out more compared
    to chest area and cheeks, around eyes there is a lot of variations.

    You could key them out and try to balance but good makeup on set would help a lot.

    We had a shoot where the character refused from make up and it turned out like this:


    Can not say that i enjoyed the grading part and the result :D

    This is still from raw image.
  5. Thanks guys, many times I will over saturate the skin to see what I am dealing with but forget to back it down. I will try backing down the skin tone saturation and then push it warmer. I was struggling with those green and yellow tints in her skin, I think it is because I pushed the saturation too much.
  6. make up should help there a lot.

    you could do many nodes with different shades of skin tones as key in her face and adjust separately.
    it is doable to some level but it is tricky.
  7. I don't know anything about makeup, what can I tell her to do for next time to make the skin tone more even for the camera?
  8. Great job Dave!

    My note is about shot matching. In general, I think you did very well. But the INTV at :53 doesn't match the one at 1:00. I may not have noticed, but I was thinking that her light turquoise earring looked very nice with the blue frame behind her. Then the next time the INTV popped up, it didn't look quite so nice anymore. But I'm just nitpicking. Well done overall!

    DD_53.jpg DD_100.jpg
  9. Or if you have makeup artist in the area that does that for film and video.
  10. @Ryan I see what you are saying, I will try and fix that.
  11. I've an other opinion (and the screenshots look different to the video).

    For me it's mostly the matching or difference from cut to cut what is important. I've tried to investigate the perception of the 'normal' audiance (this means audiance which don't have skills in color) and found that normally no one can tell you a difference to a shot that was cut 2 cuts before. They don't mention a difference if it's not really extreme! But the unconscious impact of color take place. This drives me to my critique:
    I feel a missmatching in the scenes in terms of color mood.
    I see her as a warmhearted, positiv thinking person and would try to get that feeling in the colors. So for me its irritating to see her in this cooler shots (compared to the warmer skintones in the cut before, and the warmer first wedding shots), while she is speaking about a positive key scene in her live (the little girl story). I would expect this scene in warmer colors and would try to give the shots, while she is speaking about the wonderful backlight, a much more positive impact. If you can't pull it out of the footage, try glow or lensflare effects to introduce a warm light.
    Skintones are a matter of taste and what you are used to see (therefore the Italians have an other color-matrix in their broadcast cams than the Britanians f.i.)
    But in your video the skintones appeared yery different on your hero. I would pick the best pleasant to your eye one and introduce it throu the hole show. No matter where she is.
    In terms of craft I would improve the matching of the shots of her son (1:45). At 2:04 the vignette is really noticable and I would improve that.
    So that is only my point of view. I really don't want to blame you, just my 2 cents.

    An other point to the make up: Nope, I don't think that it would help the story in this case (but yes for my taste the interview is over saturated in skintones). She seems to be a very natural person. Just listen to her: she learned to accept imperfections and people tend to become relaxed when she is shooting them. So don't let her look artificial or perfect like a star.
  12. In my humble taste, it's too much magenta in outdoor frames. Especially noticeable on the t-shirt at 0:40 and hair 0:49
  13. Thanks guys for all your comments, I will try fixing some of the items you mentioned, I will also try adding some lens flares to that one shot.

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