Best service to up-rez DigiBeta to HD

John Knapich Jul 17, 2014

  1. I have a 90 min Digi Beta Master in 16x9 anamorphic. What is the best service or software to have this up-rez to 1920x1080. The original is 29.97 and I guess I can keep it at that frame rate.
  2. A lot depends on time and money. The best uprezzing people I know of in the world are the guys at Lowry Digital/Reliance in Burbank, who did all the upconversions for Fox on The Simpsons (among many other projects), using proprietary software, enhancement and noise reduction algorithms. They do extremely good work.

    Lowry Digital Images / Reliance Media Works
    2777 Ontario Street
    Burbank, CA 91504
    (818) 557-7333

    Their upconversion service is mentioned and explained on the splash page of their website. This is not just a box or one bit of software; it's a bunch of non-realtime processes that work together.

    If the material is anamorphic, is there any chance you can get the original materials back to retransfer or rescan them in HD, or was it shot in anamorphic standard-def? That's rare, though I concede it did exist during the weird transition days from 1998-2002 or so.
  3. I will recommend you to take a look on After Effects CC built-in plugin "Detail-preserving Upscale".

    Also BMD Teranex can be an option, if you want to do some investment for other projects too. With BMD Teranex you can upscale and de-interlace at same time with some noise reduction. And when I have compared, BMD Teranex gives better result than AE.
  4. Teranex would be my next option after Lowry.
  5. If you know someone using Nucoda, which has wonderful DVO tool for repurposing SD material for the HD world, then you may be in luck. I have yet to see a more capable software tool…
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  6. I can second the AE route. It does however take a very long time to process. We've used it for HD > UHD scaling with great results. Just requires you to have a lot of time. We are looking at the Terranex solution as well though. Also, I'm not sure AE would be a solid choice for interlaced material.
  7. I am digitizing old SD footage from Digibeta, betaSP and even from 1"C machine. Using Teranex for edge croping and de-noise. I wanted to also de-interlace all footage but Teranex don't allow it to de-interlace from SD to SD. :(

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