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Tom Loveridge Sep 22, 2016

  1. Hi All,

    I have just seen the trailer for Viceland's Black Market, going to be shown in the UK this week.

    I have a quick question regarding the look/colour of one shot (attached).

    I have been trying to create this just for my own satisfaction using a similar shot but I cant seem to get the highlight colours anywhere near close to what is seen in the trailer?

    Is it a really desaturated green?

    Any help would be great! Screenshot of your colour wheels if you get it would be even better!


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  2. So much depends on lighting and exposure on set, it's hard to say. But I think using some highlight roll-off with soft clips, plus some highlight desat and some windows, all of that can do a lot towards "shaping" the material. I generally lean towards having very clean, white highlights unless the director & DP specifically want to go with an eerie, unsettling feel. For example, I did a sci-fi movie a couple of months ago where I had a preset for "the evil green look," and a lot of that was green/cyan highlights with some added glow.
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  3. I keep my highlight yellowish... I'm romantic...

    But yes, there is a lot of desaturation in that shot, with a light feeling of warmth....
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