Bleached, Washed-Out Look

Alexandros A. Apostolos Jul 6, 2015

  1. I was looking at this thread the other day

    and I was wondering is there a similar amount of criticism dedicated to the kind of this very frequent bleached, washed-out, desaturated look that I keep seeing in a lot of places?

    I was going to say that it kind of reminds me of the look of the BBC series The Village, but I also keep seeing it in documentaries, TV commercials, and on MTV.
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  3. It depends on which kind of bleached-out/washed-out look you mean. I'd say if you got 10 DPs in a room and asked them to define the look, you'd get 10 different looks.
  4. I did mention The Village, didn't I? :D

    I could also mention a lot of these Scandinavian dramas.

    Or how about this TV commercial I saw the other day?

  5. In the world of colourists, does this kind of look have a name?

  6. Yeah. That's the "We didn't have money for post"-look.
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  7. The "Raw" look. :eek:
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  8. jojojojojojojojo

    that is defined as "no budget" :D
  9. It's been balanced so they probably paid some one to do that but....My money is that the client and director fell in love with the look of the raw footage in the edit, and can't handle a change. I've had to deal with this sort of thing before I usually explain they have sunglasses on..... they think thats good because that how they have been seeing it, if they remove the sunglasses yeah it will feel weird for a bit but then the world becomes real once again.
  10. There was some talk about this on the Cinematographer's Mailing List awhile back, and one theory was that the director & producer got non-LUTted dailies by mistake, it went all the way through the edit, and they couldn't be talked out of changing it. The other theory is that they wanted a look "different from everything else on television" (i.e., the stuff with Rec709 contrast).
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  11. can I link a hairball cat picture here?

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