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Chris Ratledge Apr 7, 2015

  1. Okay, so this isn't so much a "how do I ___ with X software" type of inquiry. I am hoping to tap the experienced knowledge here for help in crafting a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to restore and preserve a piece of sports history.

    A recent local news story linked below, with video segment, tells of the sorry condition the game film from the Milan v. Muncie Central IHSAA basketball championship, on which the 1985 feature film "Hoosiers" was based.


    his is my hometown, and currently the school is asking for donations, but I want to launch some sort of crowd-funding mechanism to try to help bankroll this, and I'm researching the details of that elsewhere, but what I'm curious do know from the LGG community, is if the article's quote of about $15k dollars is a suitable budget to restore two game films on 16mm black and white film - that seems low to me.

    If I launch a crowd-funding campaign I certainly would want to aim for the stars and get the highest quality, best restoration possible from these pieces of history, and the historian interviewed in the news piece talks about reconditioning the originals, doing a film scan to some sort of digital format at HD+ resolution, then doing the restoration, creating a new digital master, and also creating new archival film prints as well.

    For those that have experience with what is involved technically and have a better handle on the technology that would deal with film restoration of films 60 years old, I would ask for your feedback on whether this is a realistic target for the fundraising goal, or if a different higher number is more realistic.

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  2. Well after watching that I have to say there is some large degree of exaggeration as to the condition of the originals, they will not suddenly go poof into dust. That said a UHD Data scan to DPX frames (2880 x 2120) would probably run about $2k or so, the post fixup would be somewhat straight forward depending on how picky they were about scratches and how much the bearded professor did himself. The expensive item would be the film recording and print but I think it could all be done for $15k.
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    It's very cool that you're interested helping them with this, Chris. Good luck. I hope you guys have a lot of success with the project. Hoosiers was awesome, too, btw.
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