cdl and 3d Lut format

ant banks Dec 13, 2016

  1. I am working with a colorist that is using Baselight. I do not use Baselight, nor am I a colorist. I understand the workflow as a VFX Sup, so I am helping generate some temp grades and temp CDLs. "TEMP"

    Super format question for users:

    What 3D LUT format does Baselight play best with... .cube .3dl etc.

    What CDL file format does Baselight prefer... .cc .ccc. .cdl

    Thank you-
  2. Not a Baselight user per se, but it should play equally well with .cube and .3dl.
    For CDL, the .cdl is the standardized format used all across systems and Baselight should be 100% able to eat those (like any other tool).
    Never heard of .cc, or .ccc, actually (although they might very well exist) - .cdl would be my recommendation.
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