Cineform RAW

Warren Eagles Jan 5, 2015

  1. Happy New Year folks.

    Anybody got any experience using the CineForm RAW codec (SMPTE ST 2073 VC-5) for archive?
    Could it be used as an alternative to DPX in a restoration workflow?

    Obviously needs to be a format that would be widely supported in grading and restoration software.


  2. If you are source is already a RGB file, like DPX, you don't need to convert to RAW, just use the Cineform compression (think of it like ProRes or DNxHD compression). You can do it from Resolve if you have the GoPro studio software installed which enabled the higher than HD and 4:4:4 encodes.
  3. What Rohit said, once you are RGB there is no backwards debayering to raw.

    But when you want to archive actual raw (like in cinema DNG), but need some compression, while keeping it raw, than CineformRAW is the way to go.
    Actually it is wavelet (JPEG 200) based - almost the same as RED's R3D.
    Prores and DNxHD are just DCT based - similar to motion JPEG.
  4. What is the source Woz...I would not really recommend compressed formats for working
    in restoration if possible. As a deliverable..sure.

    It also depends on the typw of restoration being undertaken, colour only or also image reconstruction?


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