Client has given me 3 passes...what I do?

Yash Lucid Dec 6, 2016

  1. I am using Premiere Pro 2017 on Windows.

    How do I comp all 3 into one image?
  2. 3 passes of what? What are you supposed to be doing exactly?
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  3. 3 renders of the same clip.

    Render 1 is the sky with everything else black
    Render 2 is the talent with the sky overexposed
    Render 3 are other items in the bg
  4. Sounds like HDR. Look up HDR workflows? Start with HDR workflows for photo stuff in Photoshop (which has been around for ages) and go from there?
  5. I have no idea what the images look like but it sounds straightforward enough to put them in one piece in AE or Fusion. Is there a reason you didn't get a main pass (if it is in fact a CG render)? Also is there a reason you took a job that you don't know how to do?
  6. You might be able to composite them with the right software. What programs are you using?
  7. That sounds like a super easy comp, that I'd do right in resolve. You could even comp it in premiere if you wanted to... But it sounds like you're not a compositor, and they should hire one.

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