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Razvan DImitriu Dec 27, 2016

  1. A lot of color grading courses emerged lately and of course there is a lot to learn from them. But one of the main things about grading courses is that they're meeting places where people share info, skill and have a good time.
    For me, as well as for others, attending such events is like a mouth of fresh air; you get to discuss out loud all the things that you can't talk about with your regular buddies.
    Also, the most subtle and valuable takeaways for me as a colorist were those acquired while watching other professionals work and getting a sense of what they're after, what they're looking at and how they're achieving that.
    Another thing I noticed is that international gatherings lose the 'competing factor', so people are more open to sharing.

    So I figured why not do a training course without the trainer? Just building the context for people to meet and discuss on previously defined topics and then take the discussions further at a beer or two; or while doing some sightseeing.

    I would be more than happy to host the meeting at my studio in Central Bucharest (so coffee and snacks are on me) and help all those interested with moving around / accommodation or any kind of local help and info. Bucharest is nice, reasonably priced and easy to reach from almost any part of the world.

    We're all busy individuals so I think doing it on a prolonged weekend would be best (like from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Sunday, depending on the topics priorly agreed upon).

    Considering the stakes of the event and the logistical needs, I think having somewhere around 7 people would be best.

    I wouldn't like to make this an ABC course, but rather one aiming at working, professional colorists willing to debate their vision about the craft. So what I currently envision is everyone having their turn at the grading desk during every topic.

    Please PM me if you're interested and I'll do my best to build it from there, taking into account everyone's availability and their interests.

    Here's a preliminary list of topics that first crossed my mind:
    - To LUT or not to LUT? Advantages and disadvantages of using LUTs. Order of operations. Film emulation LUTs.
    - Video vs film tools and workflows
    - LUT math
    - Working in ACES, tools to be used
    - Look creation - clean commercial look, warm commercial look, skintone, beauty work, orange & teal, DFN, sharpening, NR and grain adding techniques
    - Movie section - how to achieve that look
    - Grading session management - starting the grade, setting client expectations, offering versions, discussing mood and tone, node/layer management, overall grade/look management, project management / the business side of things.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  2. Hi Razvan,

    Sounds like a nice idea! Do you have any dates in mind?
  3. No particular dates right now.
    Due to the temporary general shutdown that (I think) everyone's experiencing during holidays, I figured that schedules would be more open for the beginning of 2017.
    So let's assume the following possibilities and, once we have everyone on board we'll figure out the best date for the good of all:
    * Jan 19th - Jan 22nd
    * Jan 26th - 29th
    * Feb 2nd - 5th
    * Feb 9th - 12th
  4. Sounds interesting! Is the idea more of a theoretical meetup / chat or a hands on with systems on site deal?

    Recovering from what I think is a string of the x-mas flue here so a bit woozy in my head...
  5. Hey Razvan !

    What a great idea. I am looking forward to that. I would suggest February, that would let as time to book tickets etc.
  6. Hands-on, definitely! We'll be in a grading studio and have lots of footage at hand.

    No rush, Florian! I suggest we set the date once we have everyone on board.
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  7. Great idea Razvan!
  8. Good news - Claudiu Doaga, the most respected and sought after colorist from this part of the world just confirmed that he will be joining us.
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  9. The good ting about my flu is that it's keeping me indoors so I have the time to do some research.
    I wrote to some really talented people around, so hopefully this thing is going to materialize into something interesting.
    On the other hand, it's holiday time, so I guess we should let everybody wake up from New Year's hangover and have an inventory afterwards.
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  10. Great idea.

    I will probably only be able to fly out Friday afternoon/evening and return Sunday evening and it will probably be a last minute affair, but I'd be happy to attend and share what knowledge I have and I also promise to ask some difficult but intriguing questions (-;

    I've done a fair bit of research on film profiling and emulation and also the creation and use of 3D LUTs for this purpose and also for matching two sources using an empirical data driven approach that harnesses color science to achieve complex transforms. For simpler transforms I would love to talk to someone that uses dctls/matrixes/idts to achieve the same...
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  11. Cool, I will contact in early January the colourists that I know from Paris.
  12. Maybe Paul Dore will join us for this one.
    I'm no stranger to color science, but coding territory is kind of intimidating :) Though the curiosity for proper, cleaner 'emulation' pushes me in that direction. I'm really curios on what you've got, Toby!
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  13. What are you thinking about fees roughly? This sounds very interesting, especially if there would be something on Saturday/Sunday as this would be the only way I could attend.
  14. No fees involved here, Stepan. Or maybe I'm not getting your question :|
    We'll definitely do it over a weekend, maybe a prolonged one, starting from Friday. We'll have a group conversation about it to figure out what's best for everyone.
  15. Great! I would probably need to do the same as Toby and fly out of london Friday evening and come back Sunday evening but this sounds very interesting indeed!
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  16. Don't want to act like the doorkeeper, but -
    with all those interested to join we reached lucky No. 13! I'm not expecting everyone to make it, as there are always last minute plan changes.
    But keeping the invitation open for more people to join would beat the purpose of the meeting - hands on debate.
    I'll update the thread with how things are going.
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