DCP-Creation in Baselight

Julian Martinz Jan 2, 2017

  1. Need some advice from someone with a bit more experience than myself regarding DCPs in general and pkl tags in detail.

    We primarily create content for broadcast but once in a while we have to deliver DCPs for commercials. As that occurs quite seldom and a dedicated DCP-Software or Plugin would not be profitable we let another facility take care of that until now. However .. as baselight has the option to create DCPs directly (and this functionality got some noticeable improvements including the option to encrypt DCPs and create KDMs in a recent minor update) we want to start doing it by ourselves.

    I think that I already understand the process and some first tests worked fine. But there is one thing that makes me a bit insecure:

    When I create an INTEROP DCP (which afaik is still the defacto standard as some old dcp-servers can't read smpte-dcps?) in baselight the <Type>-tag for sound and video in the pkl reads application/mxf. Externally created Interop-DCPs, as well as Interop-DCPs created with the trial-versions from EasyDCP and FinalDCP have application/x-smpte-mxf;asdcpKind=Sound and application/x-smpte-mxf;asdcpKind=Picture as type-tag.
    And actually the Baselight-DCP won’t open in the FinalDCP player if I try to load the DCP via the assetmap. If I open it with the CPL or the individual MXFs it runs. And if the tag in the PKL is manually modified I can open it with the assetmap. A companioned post-house also tested both DCPs on a DOREMI and they confirmed the same behaviour with their dcp-server.

    So .. while I have no problem with manually editing the PKL, I am curious if someone has any concerns in doing so. As the PKL does not have a distinct hash, thats saved in another file there shouldn't be a problem? I guess the tag used by baselight is the original interop-tag and the more detailed one is the smpte-tag? But if thats the case I don’t get why it won’t play in FinalDCP. Is the shorter tag, as it is used by baselight, utilised by other dcp-encoders as well?

  2. The shorter <Type>-tag is commonly used with SMPTE PKLs, and the longer tag including the "asdcpKind" is used with Interop PKLs. Baselight currently has it the wrong way around! I’ll make sure this is fixed in an upcoming point release.

    You can modify the PKL manually as long as it is not signed. Removing the signature if present would probably be ok, as I don’t think there is any strict requirement for that file to be signed.

    Kind regards,
  3. That explains a lot.


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