DNxHR Resolve to Premiere

Florian Martiny Nov 12, 2016

  1. DNxHR HQX is YUV, right? If you're using 444 then you'd probably get different results but if everything's YUV then everything can be set to auto which will assume video levels everywhere... right?
  2. Honestly, I don't know. I'm not in the habit of re-importing my DNx444 back into an NLE. Usually, I'm the last one to export. [emoji3]
    I've tried to find out about the YUV/RGB differences in the codec. However, I couldn't find the white papers where it's documented.
    If you know where it is, I'd like to read it. I did find a reference in Avid's documentation that states to make sure all DNx files are scaled to video levels when generating them from other applications. No exceptions where mentioned.

    Unfortunately, my experiences are slightly different.
    I found that the interpretation of QT DNx files hasn't been very consitent between applications and versions.
    I actually think Theo's observations earlier, are some of the most clear I've found so far.
    Thanks Theo!
  3. I can confirm that DNxHR HQX works fine in auto. I didn't have any issues in Premiere 2017. For DNxHR 444 I had to export it in full for it to work.
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  4. Back in the day if you rendered out a DnxHR from after effects or premier there was a gamma and color shift. only the 444 version was identical to the original file. I'm on AE CC 2014.2 and I can confirm that there is a gamma and color shift when you are using the DNXHR 422 8-bit codec - I just made a test. I also have the latest version cc 2017 and I can confirm that there is NO color or gamma shift there. For DnxHD the codec works great in both version, just need to pay attention to the legal-full range interpretation.

    If you want to save yourself some trouble, I suggest you use the CC 2017 version, and render out legal range video from resolve if you export dnxhd or dnxhr matterial.
  5. Great!
    That sounds like one less headache.

  6. Yes but pay attention because the DnxHR 444 is RGB and you need to export as full range from resolve if you want to import in premier - the auto setting is legal range. Funny thing, if you reimport the dnxhr 444 data back to resolve it will see it as legal range, so you need to set it to Data. Does anybody else have difficulties reading mxf files in AE or PP?
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