Export a LUT of a single eye

LucíaBlanco Sep 30, 2016

  1. I am doing a grading of a stereo project in the full Baselight and when I tried to export the LUT of one of the eyes I got an error ("Render failed: Unknown colour space a NULL").

    It doesn't matter if I set the scene settings to be a single stack stereo or Left/Right eye on top. Also it doesn't matter if I have both tracks combined or not... Also If I have the stereo colour matching operator on the input layer or if I insert the operator under the input layer as a new layer.

    I tried to save the grade on the Gallery and applied this grade to a non-stereo project and of course this does not work.

    My steps:

    Set the scene as a stereo project with Left eye on top.
    I have two tracks, one of top of the other.
    I combine both eyes in a single stack and I did the "fix geometry" of one eye and after fixing the geometry I shot match one eye to the other one with the stereo color matching operator. Then when I apply a grade to one eye I have the same on both eyes. Everything is perfect but when I tried to export the LUT is not working.

    My colour journey is well setup and when I export the LUT my output colour space needs to be CGI linear/Rec 709 to send this LUT to the VFX guys (FLAME). In a non stereo scene the LUT export works fine.

    I am glad Mark Tucker is on this forum ;)
    Please maybe someone can put some light here.
  2. Hello,
    you may get faster response , when you contact baselight support directly. The filmlight support works very well.

    have a nice weekend
  3. Thanks Oliver,
    We are working on it. Let's see if we find a solution.

    I need to check if the Fix geometry operator is causing the error but I only used it with one eye and the error is also when I try to export the LUT of the other one.

    It will be nice if Flame could use BLG files.

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