Exporting 4K Portrait

Adam Henaghan Nov 17, 2016

  1. Hey Guys,

    We're shooting a project on RED Dragon of people smiling, the whole shoot was filmed portrait (2160x4096). I brought in one clip and graded to a treatment which has been signed off on. However when I go to export (Render at source resolution). The image is smaller than the original 4K frame, letter and pillar boxed.

    Also I'm sure this is an important point. I'm using the lite version and presume i'm restricted to a 1920x1080 timeline as this is what it always gives me when I choose to create timeline from clip. So I rotated the image for the grade then rotated it back for export.

    Does anyone know the solve here?
  2. You could render it horizontally and then use AviSynth or Vapoursynth to rotate the image.
    Some codecs have a rotation flag but unfortunately those flags are not universally accepted.

    However in my opinion RED Dragon code deserves more respect than being mastered through a lite version with reduced resolution.
  3. Resolve "lite" can export up to UHD.
  4. For these kinds of special projects I always ask for how the final deliverables are going to be presented and viewed.

    For example, if the vertical images were to be viewed on a vertically positioned TV signage, then there's no need to rotate, just deliver horizontal files. Otherwise you could place the vertical images in a 3840x2160 container (max res in Resolve Lite).
  5. Right, but it can't do 4K.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, we ended up taking the hit with the slight resolution loss. Out of curiosity, maybe I'm asking a biased group, but is their any sense in dropping the $995 licence costs for studio? We send out high end projects for professional colour, and I handle the smaller projects in house, which 99% of the time only need to be finished in 1920x1080.

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