FilmLight adds free Mac app

jake blackstone Apr 13, 2016

  1. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Sick. I wish the actual Baselight interface looked like this.
  2. a few Q's come to mind;
    1- what does the extended lic cost?
    2- what are the monitoring, logging, and metadata limitations in the free version?

    overall, wowzer....
  3. Am I reading correctly that you can only export CDL/BGL/LUT from it, and you need another tool to actually render something?
  4. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    How I'm reading it is that it's primarily for exporting reference stills, as well as CDLs, BLGs, or LUTs.

    BLGs can be opened and rendered using the "included free license of Baselight" (ie, the read-only version) in Avid or Nuke.

    If you actually want to continue grading with your exported BLGs in Baselight or Daylight, you need to purchase a license.
  5. I knew a free app was coming but I thought it was a conform assistant tool.
  6. Baselight CONFORM is a separate new product FilmLight are introducing. According to this datasheet, it "is available for a low subscription
    price on top of the normal Baselight support contract" so is affordable, but not free. My guess from reading the datasheet (but I'm sure there will be a proper news release soon) is that it is essentially full Baselight running on a Mac, but without render capability.
  7. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

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  8. I gather the exact UI for BaseGrade is still in flux, which is probably why they are not showing the current incarnation widely.
  9. I'm curious, if Prelight GUI final iteration is what we're seeing in the announcement? Personally, I'd like to see the consistency across all FL products. It would be nice, if you move from PL to DL to BLE to BL to have the very same GUI. Yes, I know- Flip is different too. So, dare I hope, that FL may have a new BL, BLE and DL GUI, like the one we're seeing in PF?
    Never mind again...

    We’ve purposely designed the Prelight application to be
    a long way removed from a complicated colour corrector.
  10. So, you'd need to export BLEs to Avid for the final render? Otherwise, it's a full BL on a Mac? Could you send the render to another networked BL or DL? How about sending the render to a kompressor station?
    Never mind, just saw the pdf:

    Note: From Baselight 5.0, Baselight CONFORM will no longer support IO Kompressor functionality.

    I guess FL wants to make sure, that you can't render form BL Conform directly;)

  11. You have to render to the render queue of a full Baselight. Also, you can't connect a control surface. Other than that it is a full BL.
  12. Looks like we finally have a replacement for SpeedGrade ONSet !!

  13. Not even a Slate?
  14. So, Prelight is Filmlight's answer to LiveGrade, yes? The data sheet talks about stills but is murkier about using to grade a live feed....
  15. The datasheet specifically says "live updating LUT boxes, cameras or monitors directly" and lists the devices it supports. So yes, absolutely you can grade a live feed. It is essentially a software only version of the FLIP.
  16. Yes well I'm rather simple minded you see, so I need my marketing material to say things like "designed for on set grading" rather than 3 paragraphs and a list of bullet points concerning stills and file types and whatever this excessively verbose blurb means:
    "Having said that, it is much more than a simple LUT generator, with its limited creativity and no way to propagate the input and output transforms throughout the post process – the transforms that make the creative look actually meaningful in the many different downstream environments it will have to pass through.
    Prelight allows images - whether by live updating LUT boxes, cameras or monitors directly, or by processing RAW files – to be colour corrected interactively. Looks can be created and previewed on set or in down time if just using image files, safe in the knowledge that the description of that look is going to be truly relevant and useful."
    Perhaps it's more clear in The Queen's English....
  17. I agree that the first paragraph you quote, in particular, is quite hard to read and understand!
  18. OK, I spent an hour yesterday looking at this, great help from a bunch of people at FilmLight including Wolfgang.

    I want it now!

    Pull in a clip and scroll through it and select a frame grade that and output a reference still and a LUT, sounds like SG OnSet so far.
    Connect it to an Alexa and you can feed the output as look live to the camera and I believe that it is stored in metadata, it will also feed a Teradek Color in real time and update LUTS in a Fuji IS mini. I saw it connected to all 3 doing exactly that. So you've got livegrade as well.
    There will be an option to output BLG's with full metadata so you can send your grades to Daylight or Editions.
    AND there is a pretty cool camera match facility, they were demonstrating matching an Alexa and a Dragon.
    Basic price is free some options will carry small license fees.

    I cannot get across to you how much I want this :)

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