FilmLight adds free Mac app

jake blackstone Apr 13, 2016

  1. I believe the free version can output BLG files. They just don't have the metadata to automatically connect them to the right clips in DayLight or Editions. You can still do it manually.

    They were running a very impressive tech preview of a camera matching system, matching a Dragon and an Alexa, at IBC. I will be very pleased if this is that same technology, integrated into a shipping product.
  2. I believe not even an Artist Color. The Slate is a really efficient control surface (compared to the third party panels). I don't think that BL Conform is intended to be a grading tool other than doing and checking the conform. Maybe it could be usefull to check some still frames in a sequence and make some marks and comments etc.
    If I understand it correctly
    also means that you can't export BLGs
  3. That could be very usefull, but I haven't seen any pointer to a video device other than the T-tap (which can only feed a monitor). So no live feed available for Prelight - or do I miss something?
  4. Nick is correct in that the free version can export BLG's but if you want the metadata as well you will have to go for the paid for version.
  5. There are, as I understand it, two modes you can use PreLight in.

    1. You can load in a still image (or scrub to a frame in a clip) and grade that, monitoring externally with an AJA device such as a T-Tap or IO 4K.

    2. You can have PreLight control a LUT box (or monitor/camera with built in LUT capability) and grade a live signal.

    In the first mode, you have the whole Baselight tool-set available to you, including spatial operations, so you can apply blur, vignettes, grain and so forth.

    In the second mode, you are limited to things which can be implemented as a LUT. This can include HSL qualified secondaries, but without any blur or other clean-up applied to the matte. No vignettes, or anything like that.

    If you want all the Baselight operators available on a live feed, you need to get a Flip. That can do grain, blur, vignettes, anything you like, on a live signal.
  6. It's currently in use in production in a closed beta. An open beta will be released very soon.
  7. Great, thank you.

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