Final Cut Pro X effects chain question

Casey Danielson Sep 19, 2016

  1. Final Cut Pro X effects chain question (w/ Magic Bullet Looks): I spend a good amount of time on my primary CC *first* (duh), but when I add Looks or other 3rd-party plugins, it nests itself *before* my primary CC in the effects panel, which changes everything that is lower in the chain. Kinda makes the initial CC pointless. I tried opening my video animation controls and dragging Magic Bullet down, but it seems to be locked in place. Anyone know how to change the order of effects in FCP X? Thanks!
  2. select the video in the timeline

    do your primary cc

    then drop MBL on your timeline

    select video in the time line and then go to video properties

    you should see MBL bottom and colour correction above it

    just select the color correction and drag in down under MBL

    i think that what you are asking :)
  3. Thanks, Gavin. That is what I was asking. FCP X's built-in effects, like the color board, felt locked down when I tried reordering things, but I'll try your method. Seems like a silly restriction, not being able to just rearrange effects in the order you want just by dragging them up or down. I wonder why FCP X was made like that...
  4. you can stack effect however you want in that side panel the bottom effect is the first one

    however some effect require they sit at the bottom ...i can,t off hand remember which ones

    but if your playing with things like magic bullet you really should think about exporting the job as xml and bring it into resolve will have so much more control ( plus there is free version of resolve to get you going )

    i cut TVC and promos every week in fcpx its a great editor for that kind of work ...however i move every thing over to resolve to finish and colour .
  5. You can also use a title in FCP-X to create an adjustment layer to apply a LUT or look across multiple clips, downstream of per clip effects. The technique is described in this article. The article is quite old, but I believe the method is still applicable.
  6. Effects are applied top to bottom. That's also how they trickle in if you apply multiple effects—the keep coming in below what was previously there.

  7. Sorry yes i got that back to front Duh!

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