Flame 2017 batch fx question

Stepan Kozlov Jun 20, 2016

  1. Got a question for the flame and smoke pros. I've got an alexa anamorphic clip in a 1920x1080 timeline in flame. The clip is being desqueezed both before import to the library and then resized to fit width in the timeline. Also a timewarp is applied to it on the timeline. I then select the clip and make a batch fx out of it through the timeline fx strip. The resulting node graph has the clip i selected blacked out (with timewarp and resize applied to it as nodes) and then a comp node and a back clip comped on top. I'm not too familiar with flame and I'm not sure why it comps the backclip on top when I just select that one clip in the timeline and make batch fx out of it. I also can't work out why the back clip is visible both in the thubnail and in the viewport and the raw clip (the one I actually selected in the timeline in the first place) shows up black both in the thubnail and in the viewport. Hope this explains it properly.
  2. Not sure about why the clip is black. But the back clip comp is precisely because you created the bfx in the timeline. By default it wants to pass through (behind the foreground clip) anything under it in the timeline. Just as it would in an NLE. If what you want to do is just work on a clip on its own, might want to just create a fresh batch do your work and then drop the batch into the timeline. Or use the BFX you've created and drop the comp nodes etc. Flames got a lot of quirks.
  3. Yeah it's definitely very alien to me after coming from nuke studio and resolve. Not sure where to look for features, buttons everywhere etc. Thanks for your help!
  4. You can delete the comp node and the black clip.

    I suspect the black clip has been added to the graph in case the resize node had made the image smaller than the frame size, like when letterboxing etc, who knows.... BFX can create some janky node graphs and i would only really recommended for use when slamming through comps on a deadline (and there is nothing wrong with that) for more complex work (i.e. heavy comps) i would switch to batch as i find it considerably faster when a lot is going on.


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