Flame Color Correction Node - Lift knob + luma only control

Paul Wolf Mar 24, 2015

  1. After grading for a while on the resolve i came to miss the YRGB lift controls?

    Also The Luma only control for the Gamma and Gain.

    does anyone know how to replicate these controls in the CC node in flame?

    I took a simple shot in Resolve, with two nodes: node 1-> used only lift gamma gain, node 2 -> applied an arri lut.

    took the same thing to flame and i could replicate the color grade (same lut.. if the lut was the only node the frames do look identical so no lut problem).

    Any ideas?
  2. For Luma only control you need to add CC node, mix it with original using blend type Photoshop, blend mode Luminosity, use only RGB Gamma, Gain, Offset and Contrast sliders in CC node

    I don`t have access to Smoke right now to check, but should work
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  3. Well i found out with the help of someone from another forum. that the mathematics from davinci most resemble the CW node. and white and black there work luma independent... not saturating the image.. so i managed to reach the same color perfectly ( waveform to waveform ) .

    So yes :) CW node FTW.

    but i will definitely try your very interesting hack...never thought of that.. thanks!
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