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Jason Myres Nov 26, 2014

  1. Jason Myres

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    If you've ever been interested in learning Flame, Flare, or Flame Assist, Autodesk has just released new Training Editions for Linux and Mac. This is also a nice option for those who already know these applications and would like to continue to train away from work, or need to develop workflows on non-production machines.


    • Flame Training Edition Linux
    • Flare Training Edition Linux
    • Flare Training Edition Mac
    • Flame Assist Training Edition Linux
    • Flame Assist Training Edition Mac

    System Requirements: Flame FlareFlame Assist
    Training Editions Release Notes
  2. Between Flare and Flame Assist, you pretty much have the full Flame experience available to you on the Mac. Powerful stuff.
  3. What classes online would you suggest for learning the Mac versions?
  4. Actually Autodesk has a youtube channel for flame that's quite useful:


    There isn't (to my knowledge) a comprehensive training for Flame online. But all of the Smoke 2013 and up stuff applies to flame as well, which is a good way of understanding the basic ins and outs.
  5. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator


    To me, the best 1-2 punch getting started series is from Ripple. It's for Smoke on Mac, but I've used the included training project in in both Smoke and Flame and it's a great timeline to learn on. 90% of the concepts are the same, Flame Assist just includes more features and a slightly modified GUI look. At a minimum, download the project so you can practice conforming and editing elements.


    Also for free..


    The paid courses are very good, but I would hold off for a moment and get your feet wet first. The FXPHD classes especially, get complex pretty quickly. Even their 101 level intro courses will have your head spinning if you aren't at least familiar with the interface before you begin.
  6. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    One more thing.... the Mac editions are nice, but if any of you ladies or gents would like to give the Linux versions a try, let me know if you run into any problems. I'll help get you fired up.
  7. Ha! Indeed. Your blog is immensely helpful.
  8. So Flame on Mac NAB 2015? Flamac? Flac?
  9. If they leave behind the hardware model, one could see that happening. But I kind of doubt it. The performance they get with their hardware is pretty insane.
  10. AFLAC

  11. Smac is subscription now. Who knows.

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