FS: Cine-Tal DAVIO 2.2 with all libraries in EU - €399

Peter Core Feb 22, 2016

  1. For sale ultimate 3D LUT box Cine-Tal DAVIO 2.2 with full set of licences.
    DAVIO is a very versatile device.
    Apply more than one 3D LUT if you want (on different 3G HD-SDI/dual link HD-SDI or HDMI ports if you'd like) etc.
    3D calibration and conversion capabilities etc.
    Also works in conjunction with Lightspace CMS or SpectraCal CalMan as a pattern generator for calibration.
    Very good condition.

    Some info:


    €399 plus shipping.
    Payment by wire transfer or Paypal (+4% for fees).
    Davio is located in EU.
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