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    What is Lift Gamma Gain?
    Lift Gamma Gain is a forum for motion picture and television colorists, as well as anyone interested in color science, color grading, and technology for film, television, and digital media.

    What does "Lift Gamma Gain" refer to?
    Lift, Gamma, and Gain are three fundamental controls used to adjust the shadow, mid-tone, and highlight levels in motion picture images. They are an important tool in many types of adjustments, and a central feature of most purpose-built, color correction applications and hardware.

    Who are the original members of Lift Gamma Gain?
    Los Angeles: Jason Myres, Josh Petok
    London: Jack Jones, Dan Moran
    Madrid: Esteban Aguilera, Andrés de la Cruz Torres

    Will Lift Gamma Gain add a forum for...?
    Our primary objective is to offer forums tailored specifically to colorists. As new topics are needed, we'll gladly add them.

    Does Lift Gamma Gain ever display advertising?
    Not currently, but if advertising is ever offered, it will be displayed in a non-invasive manner, with a primary purpose of creating exposure for colorists and companies that support the community.

    Does Lift Gamma Gain take suggestions?
    Yes. Submit any comments or suggestions using our Contact Page.

    I just created an account, why don't I have permission to post?
    Your account hasn't been approved yet. New accounts are approved several times a day. If you have an issue, let us know using our Contact Page and we'll get you taken care of.

    What are the forum requirements regarding user names?
    Your user name needs to be made up of your real first and last name, i.e. John Smith. If you have a nickname you'd like to go by, feel free to add it in quotes between your first and last name, i.e. John "Smitty" Smith. You can also use your signature to display your nickname to keep your user name simple when logging in.

    Why can't I use a nickname or alias for my user name?
    Real user names promote a professional environment and increase accountability when posting. They also help to provide recognition for you and your contributions to the forum and the community.
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