Getting Started with Flame and Lustre

Jason Myres Nov 9, 2015

  1. Jason Myres

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    Now that the pricing structure has become a lot more accessible for smaller shops and individuals, here are some links to documentation and training that might be helpful, especially for any of you trying to sort out the Flame universe for the first time.

    Flame Family Overview

    Autodesk Flame Family Features Overview

    What's New in Flame Premium 2016 Extention 1

    What's New in Flame Premium 2016

    Flame Premium Online User Guide

    Flame Premium PDF User Guide

    Autodesk Creative Finishing Documentation Area

    Flame Premium Configuration Guide

    System Requirements

    Audodesk Flame Knowledgebase

    Flame Resources and Training

    Flame, Flare, and Flame Assist Training Editions

    Autodesk Training and Tutorials Area

    Autodesk MasterClasses (Sort using...Software: Flame)

    Flame Premium Effects MasterClass

    Flame Premium Editing MasterClass

    Flame Premium Color Management

    Flame Premium YouTube Channel

    Flame Premium iTunes Channel

    FXPHD Flame Courses (Sort using... Software: Flame)

    CMIVFX Flame Courses (Sort using... Search: "Flame")

    Lustre Resources and Training

    Autodesk Lustre Feature Overview

    Lustre ("Flame Premium Grading") User Guide

    Autodesk Control Surface User Guide

    Tangent CP100 Control Surface User Guide

    Tangent Element Control Surface Guide

    Lustre (Flame Premium - Grading) MasterClass

    Lustre Creative Grading and Visual FX

    Roundtripping Between Flame and Lustre

    Creative Grading and VFX with Flame and Lustre

    Online Communities

    The Autodesk AREA Flame Forum

    The Autodesk AREA Smoke Forum

    The Flame LOGIK Facebook User Group (Registration Requried)

    Autodesk Flame Facebook Page

    Effects Development

    Flame Matchbox Introduction

    Autodesk Flame Matchbox Builders User Guide

    The Flame LOGIK Matchbook Page (Flame Effects Sharing Site) Matchbox Tutorial Series
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