Gopro Cineform footage looks like a 256-color GIF

Misha Denisov Jan 9, 2017

  1. Have anyboby encountered issues using Gopro Cineform codec? I have a timelapse rendered in AE to Cineform RGBA 4444 and in Premiere and Resolve the footage looks horrible, like a 256-colors GIF. It is not a problem with preview because the same is present at the DNX sequence rendered from Premiere when I examine it in Resolve. I'm on PC and here is the Quik app in tray where I hypothetically can choose decoder settings, but it changes nothing.

  2. How does the original footage look like? What bit depth do you selected have for your AE project/export?
  3. Original footage is made from .CR2 files with Cinelog camera profile (not affiliated with CineForm), rendered at maximum depth. I blaming Cinecorm codec because the same footage rendered to DNX looks fine. We swithed to DNX-based workflow, but Adobe is so actively promoting Cineform so I just wonder why it acting so weird in my case.
  4. just a dumb question you did set your AE project to 16bit before rendering
  5. Yes, Gavin, I set overkill 32 floating point.

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