GPU for Resolve9 AND PremierePro CS6 in ONE system

micha schmidt Aug 28, 2012

  1. Just a quick post about getting the best performance out of a "dual nvidia GPU" MacPro System if you use Resolve and PremiereProCS6 on the same machine.

    Resolve likes a seperate GPU (mostly the Card with the Main-screen of ur System) for the GUI and a other separate GPU just for CUDA processing.

    PremiereProCS6 and AfterEffectsCS6 for that matter doesn't not like that setup it always uses the Card with the Main-sceen for most Processing (especially openGL/CL stuff) so the GT120 makes PremierePro very slow (rendering and even more so exporting) especially if you use stuff like Colorista2 or the other OpenGL based stuff

    So here is a "simple" yet effective (but maybe a lil bit annoying) solution:

    I always switch / connect my main display (DELL U2711) to the GTX480 for PPro and back to the GT120 if i use Resolve.

    My 2nd screen (DELL U2212HM) always stays on the MiniDisplayport of the GT120... all works fine that way ... the only thing you might have to do is a restart just to clear the GPU's Ram.

    ... the other solution would be to have 2 machines ... one for Resolve, one for PremierePro (or any other NLE) ... oh and also i got good results /performance in Resolve just with the single GTX480 ... the only thing is if u use massive amounts of nodes the GPU Ram gets full (sometimes)
  2. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Since you are using Mountain Lion, you could try a GTX680 as a single primary GPU with Resolve 9, since it's similar in performance to a 580, but uses less power. That single card may take care of you for both without switching.

    If you feel that's not enough, you could add back your GT120, and use a dvi switcher to move your display between cards without crawling under your desk.

    I am in a similar situation with Resolve and Scratch, so I use a Radeon 5870 and that has worked well so far.

  3. Thanks mate!
    well i'm quite happy with the GTX480 so far for the money i paid for it ...
    i might look into the "switch" option .... there might be even a much simpler solution i just got to think about ... the DELL U2711 actually has two DVI inputs so it kinda has a built-in switch ... i have to test if that works out that way ... so thanks again :)
  4. so yeah that U2711 (2nd DVI input ) trick didn't work out ...OSX does "see" the connection all the time so it thinks i have 2x U2711 and therefor Resolve does use the GTX480 as GUI card .... :-/
  5. I went with using a single 580 with 4gb ram flashed by macvidcards. Though do we need other drivers? I have the ones left over from the quadro 4000
    And all seems well. Is there an opencl or open Hal psych too! I know the hackintosh sites are talking about that but I'm on a Mac Pro 2010
    Thoughts guys?
  6. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    This might have changed, but traditionally your primary display (and therefore your GUI GPU) is the determined by the monitor you have your Menu Bar set to. You can change this in Displays by dragging the Menu Bar to whatever monitor you'd like to be your primary. There is a chance though that having a display connected to your CUDA GPU is causing Resolve a problem, and if that's the case you could try hooking up a basic DVI switch, which might allow you to quickly control the connection to that card depending on when you need to use it for Resolve or Premiere.
  7. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Assuming the other apps you are using are less specific about video drivers, I would try using the drivers recommended for the version of Resolve you're using. That should take care of you on all counts.

    Also, really interested to hear back about how well your 580 works for you. I've been using Resolve 9 with an AMD 5870, and am surprised at how well it's holding up. I imagine even a single 580 would be very nice to work with in Resolve (and all of your other apps for that matter).

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