Help repairing grading error

Mike Roberts May 26, 2014

  1. Hi there, I have a shot that I think has accidently had a secondary correction incorrectly applied to it in resolve, I no longer have access to the raw files this footage came from only the output prores 444 720HD, reviewing the footage I have realized a problem of flickering patches noticeable on the people, this is a crucial shot that I need to use in a visual effects sequence. Unsure if this can be saved and if so I think it’s a little beyond my knowledge of grading. Looking for someone who might be interested in having a go at it? More than happy to pay for your time if it can be done.

    The prores file is available for download here

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  2. IF the key was the last node in the tree you could load the old session and apply just that last node and grade it back to normal. Other than that gotta go back to the source i'm afraid, very hard to pull the exact same key as whats being affected.

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