How is he getting this look?

Francis Cade Dec 19, 2016

  1. Hi guys,

    I am having sleepless nights not being able to figure out how to achieve this look: (from 12 seconds onwards, but particularly the outdoors parts around 8 minutes).

    I'm shooting with the same camera, Sony A7SII, in CINE4. Obviously he has a few separate presets set up to be able to produce a quality video every day. The jist of the grade is cinematic, but not orange and teal, in fact I'm not seeing much colour in the shadows at all.

    I'm noticing lots of bloom from lights in the background, blacks are very black but the overall look doesn't seem that high contrast to me.
    Also, the image seems incredibly soft, completely different to the image I can make. (Maybe a purposefully dirty lens? - Vaseline on a filter?)

    If anyone can give me some pointers in how to get closer to this look it would be a huge help, I must be missing some really obvious things. Or even point me to some similar LUTS as a starting point if they exist.
    I'm using premiere.

    Huge thanks and I apologize if I'm using the wrong terminology.
  2. Time and skill are bigger factors that the LUT. Could be some windows and defocus going on, plus some highlight-softening keys.

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