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Lift Forums May 21, 2013

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    Lift Gamma Gain supports light and dark color styles, and automatically formats text you type directly into your post so that other users can see it no matter which style they use. However, when you copy and paste text from an external article or document, the text formatting comes with it, and the forum system respects that. That can cause a problem for members who aren't using the same style you are.


    Without formatting, the text in a post is always readable, like the word "text" in this example.

    But, if a member is using the dark forum style, they can't read dark-formatted "text" like this.

    Or, if they are using the light forum style, they can't read light-formatted "text" like this.


    The easiest way to copy and paste text so it's readable by everyone is to copy it as plain text. Most text applications offer a convert to "plain" or "simple" text option, that will allow you to copy and paste the text into your post without formatting. We realize it's an additional step, but the only other option would be to turn off text formatting altogether for posts, and we'd like to keep that available for you.

    If you can try to scrub any text you copy through plain text before you paste it, that'll allow everyone to see what you've posted.
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