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Lift Forums Sep 30, 2012

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    How can I monitor the forum for new content?

    Forum RSS Feed
    This is the RSS link for every post on the Forum. It is located in the bottom-right corner of every page.

    Forum RSS Feed.jpg

    Sub-Forum RSS Feed
    The RSS link for individual sub-forums is located in each forum's title bar. For example, the RSS feed for all the new posts in News is shown below.

    Sub-Form RSS Feed.jpg

    Viewing RSS Feeds
    There are several RSS readers available for you to view feeds. Some popular ones include
    Google Reader:

    Emailed RSS Feeds: You can also send RSS Feeds directly to your email inbox using

    Lift Gamma Gain supports Tapatalk, a popular internet forum browsing app that's available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Chrome. Tapatalk allows you to search for forums, login with your user name and password, read and respond to posts and private messages, and modify your settings and preferences. For phones, look for Tapatalk, and for tablets look for Tapatalk HD. To find out more about Tapatalk check your device's app store or go to

    If you'd like all new forum posts sent to your Twitter account you can follow us @LiftForums

    Lift Forums on Twitter.jpg
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