How to Remap Color Tools on the Precision Panel Touchscreen

Harris Charalambous Sep 12, 2016

  1. You just partially described the Basegrade;)
  2. Looking forward to taking that for a spin when it's released.
  3. Harris,

    log blacks is my attempt at shorthand description of a control that affects the log image data in such a way that the result after the print LUT/rendering transform is a linear black control.

    I use offset for overall balance, in the sense of exposure or density. The contrast is linear (softness = 0) because I feel that otherwise (considering the print/rendering/output transform) I'd have two s-curves on top of each other.

    Having all the hues on the same page in the HCurves tool is a great idea! That's what I really liked about the T-bar panel on the 2K. If I had to guess why they didn't do it like that, I'd say it's because that's the way it was on the Valhall panel which only had 2x5 knobs total. Speaking of which, the management of my new place were able to find an old Valhall for me to use. Even with the decade or so on its back, it is definitely a step up from the Elements which I've been using for the last half year. It's obviously still a ways away from the Precision which will remain a point of envy for the foreseeable future...

    I'm pretty sure you can set up Brightness regions to behave like Color curves and then you'd have your pivots.

    Reorganizing the color tools order of operations behaves pretty much how you would expect. At the film lab I worked at I used this to match the Nucoda to the printer. To emulate the trim settings I needed a density control before Printer lights. For this I put LGG at the top of the stack as the lift behaves identically to offset. In the preferences I switched the Printer setting to Negative and IIRC the points per f-stop to 7.
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  4. Matthias and Harris,
    You should both try Color Curves with pivots set to ACES, if you hadn't already. This needs to absolutely be on the Log source, before any S-curve or LUT is applied. I've had some impressive and very clean results.

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