Issue with Resolve to Avid Workflow - Relinking MXF's

Matthew Tingle Dec 10, 2015

  1. Hi everyone,

    It's my first post here. I'm incredibly stuck...

    I transcoded my 4K CinemaDNG files in resolve to DNxHD36 to cut in Avid MC8 and I'm having a nightmare relinking. Resolve has added a 'V1-0001-' syntax to the front of the file name, is this causing the issue?

    I'm in Project Settings trying various things but I just can't make this work... Any help is greatly recieved.

  2. Turn off "Use Unique Filename Prefix" in Resolve. Or use a file renaming utility to delete the VT-0001- prefix from the files.

  3. File names mean absolutely nothing in Avid. What is used for relinking is tape name and time code, which are embedded in the headers of the MXF files themselves. If you're trying to relink to an existing timeline in Avid, you must make sure that the conform options in Resolve are extracting the proper reel name (Resolve's term for tape name). Once you do that, you should be able to relink Resolve generated MXFs in an existing Avid timeline just fine. The other option is to generate a new AAF from Resolve and import that into Avid. That should relink regardless of whether you set up the Resolve project properly or not, provided you put the Resolve generated MXF files in the proper place (in the Avid MediaFiles/MXF/numbered_folder tree at the root level of any drive).
  4. As Michael states, you options with what you have.

    But a simple workflow I use with RAW/Online codecs (without AMA link option for MC). I like to create Resolve users for different project types, allowing me to set global "Project Settings" for all projects in that user.

    While setting up your Project Settings you will need to look at the "Conform Options". You should always use "assist using reel names from:" and one of the four options. Many good cameras have useful "Embedding in source clip name" reel names, but it looks like Blackmagic cameras are not one of them. I've not looked at all of their cameras, but so far I've only seen four character reel names and almost always "1" (that is the default, but human error for not changing it). So if this is an issue for you, I one of the three "pathname", "media folder name" or "source clip name". While learning working out your workflow the last option ("source clip name") is the easiest.

    Conform Options - Embedding in source clip file.jpg

    I like to order my footage into bins by reel or days (bins named to match) and timelines (timeline also named to match - very important). You can do this from the Media Pool by selecting the root of each folder, right click create timeline from selected clips (something like that).

    I like to export each reel or day into a different "Avid MediaFiles>MXF>""Number", "11" = day1 or reel1, "12" = day2 or reel2 etc. You should not use "1" unless you renamed the default "1" (anything rendered or transcoded in Media Composer automatically goes to "1" until you have 5000 items then "2" etc).

    Delivery page, select the “Easy Setup: Avid AAF Round-Trip” and remember to turn off "Use Unique Filename" which is part of the easy setup, so check this every time.

    Add to render queue with "add job" and repeat for each timeline when complete "Start Render".

    Once exports are finished you'll have the mxf clips and automatically generated aaf(s) named the same as the Resolve timeline name that they where exported from.

    Drag and drop each aaf into a new bin for each aaf or into a single bin. As long as the media is inside "Avid MediaFiles>MXF>""number" on the root of an non OS drive.

    Once your edit is complete you can export an aaf (link media) to conform and grade the RAW DNG files in Resolve and Avid AAF Round-Trip back to Media Composer (now with "Use Unique Filename Prefix" turn ON) or export the completed project.

    Many of these steps you may already know and ones I've missed, but hopefully this is helpful?


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