KVM for DIT Cart

Nicholas Anderson Jun 2, 2016

  1. I have been testing out a Resolve Live Grading workflow along with on-set editing. I used my Macbook Pro Retina for the live grading and then my Mac Pro for offloading and editing. It became tiring unplugging the Tangent Element and plugging it into the Mac Pro any time I wanted to make a small tweak.

    So, my question is, does anyone have recommendations for a good KVM that can be share keyboard, mouse, and Tangent Element between computers using the same monitor.

    I have looked online, but there are so many options and no way to tell which ones will work well for what I need. Alternatively, I don't know how to track down which UHD+ monitors have a KVM that can do this built in. That would be the ideal scenario.
  2. Try contacting Adder Technologies. Their support guys might be able to suggest a solution. They've tested some of their products with our Element panels.

    Be careful with KVMs. They tend to work fine with keyboards and mice, but we've had a few customers have issues when a KVM has to talk to anything more complicated.
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  3. I went on this hunt 5 years ago, and I've never found a KVM I liked. I found a USB hub that you have both plugs handy far more reliable, after spending a fair amount on it. Ended up returning about 4 of them.

    If you find a good one please share!
  4. "@Jake: To be honest I have no idea and I've never researched this. To date you're the only person who's ever asked about this."
    Hey Chris.
    I guess I'm no longer the only one asking about it. Here is the number two asking about being able to share panels between two computers:p
    Yes, KVMs don't work...
  5. @Jake: Did you contact Adder?
  6. @Chris. Not I haven't tried Adder, but it is on my list.
    @Denis. I tried a simple USB two port mechanical switch and it too doesn't work with Tangent panels.
    As Chris and I already explained, KVMs don't work for these kind of devices.
  7. Hi Chris.
    I just looked at Adder offerings. They are exactly what I need. Unfortunately, they are price prohibitive, as a single transmitter/receiver combo is almost as much as the whole Elements set. Even though that shows again what an incredible value Elements panels are, it's back to re-plugging the USB cable for me...
  8. I figured Adder would be cost prohibitive. The Monoprice box is an electronic - not mechanical - switch. Might be worth a shot, since it's not going through a KVM that may only understand keyboards and mice. :)

  9. What product was "exactly what you needed"? I have reached out to Adder but they are having to investigate.
  10. ALIF2112T Transmitter (TX2V) and the ALIF2000R Receiver (RX2)
  11. take a look at: http://symless.com/synergy/

    it provides a kind of keyboard and mouse sharing between different machines and operating systems in pure software over the LAN. this can be very handy for mobile devices, like your laptop, and flexible virtual machine setups, because you do not have to fight any cabling issues anymore. but i'm not sure, if it will work with the tangent panel as just another USB HID as well?
  12. That is ultimately the kind of thing I ended up getting. The GUI monitor has a built in USB Hub, which I plug into switch like that.

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  13. Does it work with Elements?
  14. Started building the cart today. Will test and report the results Monday.

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  15. Cool, thanks, really curious if it works.

  16. It works! I am using a SIIG USB 3.0 switcher and a Viewsonic VP-2780. The VP-2780 is an awesome 4K monitor that is under $700 and has a 4 port USB Hub built in. As long as I only plug into 3 ports I get the power I need. When I switch between the mac pro and mac mini both with Resolve open, it takes about a second for the input devices to be recognized. I ended up using the Ripple instead of the Element Tk because the Element doesn't fit in the drawer on the Inovativ Echo.

    The viewsonic also has multi-picture modes so I can see both computers at once when needed.
  17. That's great to know. Thank you for letting us know.
    You are talking about using this device right? http://www.usbgear.com/USB20_4port_SHARING_Hub/
    I'm going to order one today.

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