Lustre assemble projects without FLAME

Ildus Gabidullin Sep 13, 2015

  1. Lustre does not support AAF
    How can you build(assemble) the Lustre project without the use of Flame and Smoke
    Offline edit with Avid MC source RED
    EDL(DL EDL) does not offer:p
    Share your experiences

  2. Use third party software, like Resolve Lite or Scratch. Nuke Studio has some of the best conforming tools as well, but that can get expensive very quickly. Anyway,
    conform, export as DPX single file file with original names with prefix. Import into Lustre, Lutsre will bring them all in correct order and speeds already will be baked in.The only issue is if there are dissolves. I keep them baked in and manually set them in Lustre as dissolve transitions. Start grading. Easy;)
    Or you could try to use Resolve to translate AAF to EDL. Should work as well, but unless you have Gateway properly setup with your Lustre, you may have difficulties working with R3D files.
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  3. I haven't used later Lustres but I've done a bunch of conforms on Lustre 2012 with EDLs.
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  4. If the reels and tc are correct there is no reason an EDL wouldn't allow linking to r3ds. Assuming your luster is properly recognizing the r3ds.
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  5. I think he means, that he only got AAF and there is no EDL.
  6. Ah, in that case (like you said),avid or resolve or premiere or a call to the editor should be able to clear that up. :)
  7. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Like Jake mentions, a lot of different apps can act as a conform front-end for Lustre outside Smoke and Flame. My favorite is Nuke Studio as it conforms beautifully, handles a wide variety of formats, and you can build customized renders that will output multiple sets of media and EDLs based on your workflow needs. Resolve and Nucoda both work well, too. Regardless of what app you use, one key thing to remember is that Lustre can take EDLs with long reel names, but it does not read comments, so make sure your reels names aren't truncated.

    In the past R3D playback was a struggle unless you have a RED Rocket as Wiretap Gateway is CPU based. In those cases I think most people would transcode to DPX first, but now with GPU Debayer announced in Flame Premium 2016 Ext1, using R3D will be a much nicer experience.
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  8. Thank you Jack, Jason, Juan and Tero
    All advice is very sensible and useful:)
    I take advantage of Resolve to translate AAF to EDL
    I think, if anyone may offer a solution with XML

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