Lustre: Into the fire

mike burton Feb 14, 2016

  1. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    It's a design decision. They were not included, I imagine, because Autodesk was intent on creating two purpose-built environments; one for film, one for broadcast. To your point, most of the Lustre colorists I know use the Log tools regardless of the format, so in the end it's a non-issue. You can debate the merits of that, but if you were to use Lustre, all of the things you just described are available. As far as pulling fast keys for shadow/midtone/highlight that's litterlly a single mouse click as Lustre has built in presets for R-G-B-C-M-Y-Sh-Mid-HL. You can also setup custom keys and save them as your own presets...

    You're right, the math under the hood is the same, it's mostly a matter of how those tools are presented to the operator. If you want printer lights, just use Log mode....

  2. Why would you use offset/printer lights on 709 footage?
  3. Why wouldn't one use them?
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  4. To me, offset is a white balance/exposure tool for log footage, but doesn't work the same way for 709 footage. But maybe Joseph is used to offset-gamma-gain -controls instead of lift-gamma-gain? Or maybe he's got both log and 709 footage in the same project...
  5. I sometimes have both log/and Rec709 in the same footage, but I like to use printer lights / offset at the end occasionally to do a slight overall tweak to balance, in rec709. I sometimes find them very pleasant knobs to use, rather than moving all three balls to make a similar adjustment. I just don't know why you'd take away a possible tool.

    That said, sounds like if I was using lustre i'd be in log mode as well. Just trying to wrap my head around it incase I'm in the same boat at some point...

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